it s time to race n.
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It’s Time to Race!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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It’s Time to Race!!!

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It’s Time to Race!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It’s Time to Race!!!. Egg Crash Test Cars. Learning Goal. Students will understand the principles of experimental design and how Newton’s Laws apply to crash tests. The Problem.

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It’s Time to Race!!!

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    1. It’s Time to Race!!! Egg Crash Test Cars

    2. Learning Goal • Students will understand the principles of experimental design and how Newton’s Laws apply to crash tests.

    3. The Problem • Your crash test dummy, Egg-Man, needs to survive a high-speed crash into the wall. You must design and create a race car that will allow him to survive the collision and roll away unscathed.

    4. Need a demo? •

    5. Things to think about • Crashworthiness - how well a vehicle can protect its occupant in a crash. Note that this does not mean the car itself needs to remain undamaged after a crash.

    6. Things to think about • Resilience - how much energy (impact) an object can absorb

    7. Things to think about • Mass - how much weight something has. The more mass, the faster the car will collect kinetic energy (speed) as it rolls downhill.

    8. Things to think about • Momentum - the force that keeps an object in motion. Objects with more mass have more momentum. In other words, a heavy car moving at the same speed as a light car will be much harder to stop. Heavy cars will quickly accumulate momentum which results in higher speeds, but also greater impact

    9. Things to think about • Force: How do Newton’s law relate to to car crashes?

    10. Restrictions • Like a real car, the occupant (egg) must be able to easily enter and exit the car. Your egg may not be permanently incased inside the car. • You must submit a design before receiving your construction materials • Your designed must be tested and approved with a plastic egg before Egg-Man will enter your vehicle.