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Lycée Rochambeau French International School

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Lycée Rochambeau French International School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lycée Rochambeau French International School. Soirée d’accueil des nouvelles familles Forum des volontaire Mercredi 23 septembre 2009 Présentation de la fondation - Mme Varkay - Mme Schaeffer  Présentation du lycée – M. Veteau Présentation du développement – Mme Holley

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Soirée d’accueil des nouvelles familles

  • Forum des volontaire
  • Mercredi 23 septembre 2009
  • Présentation de la fondation - Mme Varkay - Mme Schaeffer 
  • Présentation du lycée – M. Veteau
  • Présentation du développement – Mme Holley
  • Intervention de PAR – Mme Agathon-Burton
  • Intervention de Washington accueil – Mme Berger-Fayard
  • Forum du partenariat : présentation des différentes activités – M. Veteau 
    • Club vidéo (Mme Guillemin),
    • Yearbook (Mme LeBouder et Mme  Becker),
    • Gala (Mme Ortiz-Basha),
    • Fête du lycée (Mme Du Plessix),
    • Winterfair (Mme Putnam),
    • Programme Giant (M. Bagnato)
  • Collation dans la cafétéria
what is the french international school fis
What is the French International School(FIS)?
  • It is a private independent American school, not a French public school.
  • It is a 501-c-3 Not-For-Profit Foundation governed by its Board of Trustees and operating within US and Maryland laws, rules and “good practice” guidelines like other independent schools in the area.
  • Its Mission as defined by the Board is :
      • To offer to students in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area an educational curriculum reflecting standards and guidelines in effect in France, as defined by the French educational authorities, in order to prepare students for the French baccalaureate examination and for admission to institutions of higher education in France and in other French-speaking countries
      • Furthermore, to qualify students for admission to colleges and universities in the United States by offering a curriculum including courses focusing on the English language, American history and civilization; and
      • To promote the diffusion of French language and culture in the context of American society in a manner that reflects the cultural diversity of the school.
  • It is one of two “Lycées Conventionnés” in the US - the other schools are “Homologués”
what does lyc e conventionn means
What does “Lycée Conventionné” means?
  • FIS is a “Lycée Conventionné” :
    • The Lycée receives financial support from the AEFE* through the payment of 10 expatriates
    • The Lycée receives a contribution towards school instructional projects
    • The Lycée follows some French educational system regulations and policies.
    • The Lycée offers a French educational curriculum conforming to standards and guidelines in effect in France (BO) and prepares the students for the French baccalaureat examination
  • Other Schools are “Homologués” :
    • • Administrators not named and paid by the AEFE* but rather by the board
    • • The School can receive a contribution towards instructional projects
    • • The School offers a French educational curriculum conforming to standards and guidelines in effect in France (BO) and prepares the students for the French baccalaureat examination

(*) AEFE : Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger

the role of the board of trustees
The role of the Board of Trustees
  • As an American independent school, the FIS is governed by a Board of Trustees (16 voting trustees and 4 non-voting members).
  • The Board:
    • is the school’s governing body that is legally responsible for the all activities and assures compliance with applicable US and Maryland laws and regulations.
    • works to ensure the future solvency and sustainability of the Mission of the school.
    • is the employer of all non-expatriate personnel while choosing to follow certain French educational system regulations as a “Lycée Conventionné”
    • meets once a month throughout the academic year and works through six defined committees on a regular basis (non-trustees can be part of select committees)
  • The Trustees:
    • shall be responsible for all decisions regarding the activities of the Corporation.
    • are fully volunteer board members; they do not gain monetarily from any aspect of the board’s activity.
  • As of September 2007, the Chief Administrative Officer attends and reports at all board meetings.


Negotiate the Convention between the AEFE and the Lycée Rochambeau

Extend the lease at Rollingwood and find a long term solution

Negotiate with the faculty association and the administration association

Develop our communication and the fundraising


Fondé il y a 53 ans

  • Conventionné AEFE :
    • Appartient au réseau des établissements de l’enseignement français à l’étranger (420 dans 135 pays)
    • Enseignements et examens conformes aux programmes français
  • 1064 élèves
  • Environ 700 familles
  • 49 nationalités
  • Parents
  • 20 % travaillent dans un Organisme International
  • 15% ont un parent avec un statut diplomatique
  • 15% ont un parent enseignant ou chercheur
  • 24% de nouveaux élèves/année
advancement give for growth
Advancement – Give for Growth

An independent school’s financial health depends on a strong partnership between the school administration, the Board of Trustees, families and alumni.

Our Goal is to maintain the extraordinary academic and learning environment that Lycée Rochambeau has provided for more than 50 years while keeping the tuition fees reasonable. The Annual Fund was established to raise the additional needed fundsfor greater annual operating support.

the annual fund
The Annual Fund

Like all Independent Schools, the Annual Fund is the foundation of all school fundraising efforts and is our first philanthropic priority.Every year, parents, trustees, alumni, friends, faculty and staff are asked to support the annual fund, by making a gift. By supporting Lycée Rochambeau, donors show their commitment to the students and to the quality of education that the school offers.

2006-2007: $13,675 from 36 donors

2007-2008: $37,015 from 56 gifts from 49 donors

2008-2009: $ 37,485 from 68 gifts from 64 donors

2009-2010 RochamGoal: $80 000 with many donors !

  • Gifts to the Annual Fund support the overall budget, they will be used to:
  • help defray tuition increases
  • enhance the school’s extensive academic and extracurricular activities
  • maintain and improve campus facilities
  • attract and retain a diverse faculty and student body
  • Every gift counts !
  • Gifts to the Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.
  • All non-anonymous gifts will be published in our Annual Report.
are there other ways to give
Are there other ways to give?

The Annual Gala and Silent Auction

The School Fair

The Winter Fair

The Giant BonusBucks

We are very grateful to the many volunteers who give their time and contribute to these events success !

The Annual Fund is the most practical means available to raise a significant amount of money and it is how our effort to build on pure philanthropic giving can be the most successful.    We ask that donors support the Annual Fund as their first priority.