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  1. Christianity • By: Ryan Sammon

  2. Some History • Christianity is based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus lived in Palestine, a land ruled by the Romans. The Romans crucified Jesus in A.D. 30. Christians are convinced that he rose from the dead. The birth of Jesus is often called the nativity. Jesus was born during the lifetime of Herod the Great who ruled Palestine. No one knows what time of year that Jesus died.

  3. Christian Beliefs • Christians believe that there is one God and that he created the universe and continues to care about it. Christianity teaches that God sent His son Jesus into the world as His chosen servant called the Messiah to help people fulfill their religious duties. Christianity also teaches that after Jesus’ life, God remained on the earth ads the Holy Sprit or Holy Ghost.

  4. More Beliefs • Christians meet in churches because they believe that God intended for them to form as a group for worship and to teach moral laws. Two important practices that happen in the Church, are Baptism and Eucharist or also known as Holy Communion.

  5. Baptism and Holy Communion • Baptism represents an individual’s entrance into Christianity. • The Holy Communion represents the final supper which is the final supper that Jesus shared with his disciples

  6. Beliefs • Worshipers share bread and wine in the Holy Communion as their sign in unity with each other and Jesus Christ. Original sin is a Christian doctrine that believes that everyone is born sinful. Which means that everyone is built with an urge to do bad things and dis-obey God

  7. Special Holidays • Christmas- the word comes from Christ’s Mass, the church service held on the 25th of every December, to celebrate Jesus’ birth. • Easter- the most important of Christian festivals, where christians remember Jesus’ death and celebrate his resurrection.

  8. Afterlife • Christians maintain that Jesus ascended into heaven and most denominations(religions) teach that Jesus will return to judge the living and the dead. Christians call the message of Jesus Christ the Gospel which means “Good News”

  9. Denominations • There are many denominations of Christianity there are Roman Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Methodist and more

  10. Statistics • There are around 2.1 BILLION people that are christian! That is 33% of all religions.

  11. Books • Christians use the Holy Bible

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  13. The End • By: Ryan Sammon • Language Arts/ Social Studies • Hoped you learned a lot