2 02 the history of fashion n.
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2.02 – The history of Fashion

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2.02 – The history of Fashion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2.02 – The history of Fashion. February 2011. Fashion History – Development of Styles. earliest clothing the first clothes and fabrics animal skins, hair, plants, tree bark fashions of early civilizations rectangular fabric draped around body easy to wash and dry.

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fashion history development of styles
Fashion History – Development of Styles
  • earliest clothing
    • the first clothes and fabrics
      • animal skins, hair, plants, tree bark
    • fashions of early civilizations
      • rectangular fabric draped around body
      • easy to wash and dry
examples of earliest clothing
Examples of earliest clothing
  • ancient Egypt
    • short sleeved, short wrap dress
the evolution of fashion renaissance elaborate fitted bodice full skirt dress ruffs full collars
the evolution of fashionrenaissance – elaborate, fitted bodice full skirt dress, ruffs (full collars)

the evolution of fashion19th century – cut-away jacket (coat with tails), matching coat, vest, trousers, fuller dresses with hoops, crinolines

influences on fashion history
Influences on fashion history
  • Trade – fabrics traded between countries, changes native clothing
  • Politics and power – upper class influenced dress for everyone
  • Religion – puritans (humility), wore simple clothes
  • Technology
    • Industrial revolution – the birth of manufacturing!!
    • Development of factories – creation of more sweatshops (for sewing), more fabric can be produced
    • Growth of ready-to-wear – more factories = more clothing to purchase!
    • Invention of new fibers – artificial fibers using cellulose (main component of cotton)

Fashions of the 20th century1900-1950 – straight skirts, sailor collars, flapper dress (1920s), bias cut gowns, tailored suits with shoulder pads, fabric rationing b/c of the war(for uniforms) created slimmer, shorter skirts and dresses – Abercrombie and Fitch – first war uniform, Christian Dior – influential designer


Fashions of the 20th century1950s – Dior – a-line silhouette, full skirts, business suit, THE TEE-SHIRT!( from Marlon Brando and James Dean), blue jeans


Fashions of the 20th century1960s – Jackie Kennedy, Woodstock, pillbox hat, wide lapels, bellbottom jeans, polyester double-knit suits, go-go boots

Fashions of the 20th century1970s – knee length and maxi (long) skirts, pants, unisex clothing (Grease, Saturday Night Fever)

Fashions of the 20th century1980s – power suit for men and women, DESIGNER JEANS, work out clothing, fluorescent colors, skinny leg jeans,


Fashions of the 20th century1990s and beyond – fashion is evolving so fast that there is no universal “look” for the decade – everything from grunge (Nirvana and Kurt Cobain) to fitted suits to casual wear – all trending toward more casual wear now