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Good Afternoon! 9/12/13 PowerPoint Presentation
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Good Afternoon! 9/12/13

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Good Afternoon! 9/12/13
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Good Afternoon! 9/12/13

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  1. Good Afternoon! 9/12/13 • Today we are: • Learning Fashion Terms • Video on history of fashion

  2. Fad Classic Silhouette Portfolio Garment Style Fashion Fashion Swing Fashion Cycle Avant-Garde Fit Apparel Draped Vintage Collection Retro Tailored Pattern Alterations

  3. Accessories Articles Added to complete/enhance an outfit (jewelry, ties, scarves, etc.)

  4. Apparel All clothing (women’s, men’s, children’s)

  5. Alterations Modifications that change a garment in some way.

  6. Avant-Garde Ahead of fashion. Usually daring or wild designs.

  7. Classic Clothing that continues to be popular even though fashions change.

  8. Collection Group of clothes designed and produced by a designer for a specific season.

  9. Craze Passing love for new fashion.

  10. Copies Garments which look like the original haute couture design but are of lower quality. Typically sold in large department stores or high priced retail stores.

  11. Couturier Designer who owns their own design house.

  12. Custom Designed Have a special fit, design, and fabric for one person who ordered it.

  13. Draped Garments that are wrapped/hung on the body.

  14. Fad Temporary, passing fashion

  15. Fashion Current popular style of clothing. Fall trends

  16. Fashion Cycle Every fashion has a fashion cycle as it is introduced, grows, matures and declines. Some fashion cycles are short, others are very long.

  17. Fashion Piracy Stealing design ideas or the use of a design without the consent of the designer.

  18. Fashion Swing When certain details of clothing and accessories change according to fashion. Example: Skirt lengths that go up and down. Jackets that get longer and shorter.

  19. Fashion Trend General Direction that a silhouette takes

  20. Fit How tight or loose the garment is on the person wearing it.

  21. Let’s take a break • Video on history of fashion

  22. Garment Any article of apparel (a suit, shirt, dress, etc.)

  23. Haute Couture The finest dressmaking; the high fashion industry.

  24. Irregulars Slight imperfections, usually not noticeable, but noticeable enough to price down the garment.

  25. Knock-Offs Lower price copies of garments that are produced in great volume and are of lower quality.

  26. Pattern Contains all the instructions needed for construction a sewing project.

  27. Low Priced Market 2/3 of the clothing sales are in this market. Clothes are mass-produced in great volume in common styles and colors. Sold in discount stores, department store basements and through inexpensive catalog sales

  28. Made-to-Order Not designed for a particular person but is made with that person in mind; then they have the opportunity to purchase that garment.

  29. Medium Priced Market 1/3 of clothing sales are in this market; clothing is produced in small numbers in factories and is sold in small specialty shops.

  30. Portfolio Set of drawings, written articles, and samples that exemplify a person’s work or skills; useful for presentations when seeking a job.

  31. Pattern Contains all the instructions needed for constructing a sewing projects.

  32. Portfolio Set of drawings, written articles, and samples that exemplify a person’s work or skills; useful for presentations when seeking a job.

  33. Ready-to-Wear Mass produced in factories manufactured according to standard sizes (sometimes called off-the rack)

  34. Retro Styles brought back from an earlier time.

  35. Retail Stores Advertise and sell items directly to the general public (department stores, chain stores, discount stores, small shops, and mail order).

  36. Seconds Soiled or flawed clothing; more noticeable than an irregular; priced much lower.

  37. Silhouette Outline or shape of a garment that forms when one or more lines come together to enclose an area. 4 Types Natural: follows body’s outline Tubular: rectangular (no defined waist) Bell: diagonal and horizontal lines (A line skirts, flared pants) Full: horizontal (Make body look larger)

  38. Style Any particular design, shape or type of apparel item.

  39. Tailored The process of fitting a garment to the body (typically done with suits and coats)

  40. Vintage Fashions for earlier decades

  41. Wardrobe All apparel that a person owns.

  42. Wholesale Business Sells to retailers in large lots, usually from a big warehouse. Buyers must usually purchase high volumes of clothing.