fukuoka prefecture s policy for climate change n.
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Fukuoka Prefecture ’ s Policy for Climate Change PowerPoint Presentation
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Fukuoka Prefecture ’ s Policy for Climate Change

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Fukuoka Prefecture ’ s Policy for Climate Change - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fukuoka Prefecture ’ s Policy for Climate Change
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  1. 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク Fukuoka Prefecture’s Policy for Climate Change 2008.6.26 Takeji Takei: Vice Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture

  2. 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク Direct flights to major cities in Asia in only a few hours! Flight time to cities in Asia Destination Fight time Seoul 1hr 15min Tokyo 1hr 30min Shanghai 1hr 30min Beijing 2hr 20min Hong Kong 3hr 15min Bangkok 5hr 15min Singapore 5hr 45min Proximity to Asia Shenyan Hochiminh Guam

  3. Economic and Environmental Cooperation 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク ■Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture Dokai Bay in the 1960s Restored beautiful bay

  4. 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク Economic and Environmental Cooperation ■Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture Pollution in the 1960s (7 colors of smoke) Restored blue sky

  5. Reduced Greenhouse Gas 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク Greenhouse gas emissions Decreased industrial emissions Absorbed by forests 61.2 million tons 60.4 million tons 1990 (base year) 2005 (current data) 福岡県 Fukuoka Prefecture Estimated emissions 61.6 million tons 1.4% decrease 1990→2005 3.7 million tons 0.45mil tons 6% decrease Maximum emission 57.5 million tons 2010 (goal year)

  6. 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク Global Warming Policy Chart Household Business Vehicle Industry Energy Conversation Law Global Warming Countermeasure Law (Target Achievement Plan) Central Govt. Japan Business Federation Initiatives Fukuoka Center for Climate Change Action Projects Eco-family Household accounting Low energy appliances FUKUOKA Energy efficient construction Greenland saving Ecology office Multiple overpasses Electric trains Low-energy cars Ecodrive Energy Conservation New energy Fukuoka Hydrogen Strategy Absorption Policy Forest tax → Restore ruined forests

  7. 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク Fukuoka’s Three Pillars ofGlobal Warming Policy ① Greenhouse gas reduction Global warming policy ② Greenhouse gas absorption ③ New energy production

  8. ① Greenhouse Gas Reduction~Fukuoka’s Global Warming Prevention Plan~ 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク ■Target gas: Carbon dioxide ■Target fields: Household, Business, Vehicle ■Main divisions: Residents Household Vehicles Goals for Residents ■10% reduction per household ■13% reduction per car Automobiles Business Business Goals for Business ■8% reduction for businesses according to floor space area ■13% reduction per car ■Reduction goal matched with Japan’s reduction goal Estimated greenhouse gas emission reduction ■ 6% overall reduction from 1990

  9. Household Initiatives to Counter Global Warming~Household Environmental Accounting~ 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク ■Tools to help households fight Global Warming 県民編「普及版」A3版,1枚 Household accounting calendar

  10. Business Initiatives To Counter Global Warming~Eco-Business Support Project(2007~) 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク ■ Recruiting businesses that engage in earth-friendly initiatives such as promoting the three Rs, encouraging eco-driving, and reducing electricity and fuel consumption (gasoline, petrol). ■ Supporting registered businesses to receive Eco-Action 21 (simplified ISO) certification by providing free consulting. ■ Exemplary businesses receive special recognition from the Governor and a certificate of achievement.

  11. 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク Fukuoka Method~Waste Landfill Technology~ ■Semi-aerobic Landfill Structure ・Underground pipes for drainage and ventilation ・Underground exhaust pipes ■Mechanism ・Leachate drainage ・Natural air flow ・Aerobic microorganism activity ■Advanatages ・Leachate conversion (reduces environmental pollution) ・Greenhouse gas reduction (compared to anaerobic landfills) ■Examples ・Shangdong province (China), Seberang Prai (Malaysia), Samoa, etc. China

  12. 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク ② Greenhouse Gas Absorption ~Forest Environment Tax~ ■Target area of ruined forest renewal ・29,000 hectares (within 10 years)

  13. 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク Condition of Ruined Forests (data) ■Approx. 25% of planted forests are ruined Natural forests 54 Ruined Privately owned forests 29,000 hectares 195,000 hectares Bamboo Healthy 12 100,000 hectares Planted forests 129 Percentage of ruined areas in planted forests (estimate) Privately owned forest area in Fukuoka Prefecture ■Goal to absorb 450,000 tons worth of carbon dioxide by 2010

  14. ③ New Energy Production ~Fukuoka Hydrogen Strategy~ 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク ■The Fukuoka Hydrogen Strategy (Hy-Life Project) is the only project in Japan that promotes the general development and spread of hydrogen energy. HYDROGENIUS (AIST) Development of a “Hydrogen Town” Construction of a “Hydrogen Highway” Fukuoka Personnel Training Center for Hydrogen Energy R&D 1. Promote measures against global warming 2. Promote the widespread use of new energies 3. Encourage community-based innovations Community demo (Demonstration activities) Human resources development New industries based on hydrogen International hub for hydrogen knowledge Technical consultations provided by Kyushu University International Hydrogen Energy Development Forum

  15. 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク Characteristics of Hydrogen Town ■From one empirical study location to many   ・ Aiming for the spread of hydrogen energy use via its introduction in actual communities.   ・ Looking to educate local residents about hydrogen energy and alleviate any apprehension.

  16. 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク Hydrogen Highway Construction ■Build a “Hydrogen Highway” between Kitakyushu and Fukuoka by installing hydrogen stations at two locations: Higashida area of Kitakyushu City, and Kyushu University in Fukuoka City. ■Eventually extend the highway to the Honshu side to form a Tokyo-to-Fukuoka Hydrogen Highway. Hydrogen Station in Kitakyushu City (Based on by-product hydrogen supplied through a pipeline) Hydrogen Station on Kyushu University campus (Based on renewable energy) (Sample images) Hydrogen vehicles will have freedom of operation.

  17. International Environment Cooperation 福岡県 福岡県 福岡県地球温暖化対策 ロゴマーク ■ International Environmentalist Resource Development (2006~) Outline: Environmental government employees from regions in Thailand, India, China, and Vietnam that have Friendship Agreements with Fukuoka Prefecture are invited to Fukuoka for a one month environmental research seminar. Purpose: To create an international network that contributes to and preserves the environment in East Asia. Funding: From the Fukuoka Prefecture Policy Special Policy Tax (Industrial Waste Tax). ■ International Environment Cooperation Forum in Fukuoka Outline: To allow representatives from East Asian countries exchange opinions on international environmental problems such as loess (yellow sand) deposits and photochemical oxidants to help create an international environment cooperation mechanism. Date: November 2008 Location: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture