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new england colonies


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new england colonies

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  1. Lawrence D. Antonio A. Kevin M. Russell E. Delia A. Shemaiah T. Javier M. Maariano I-G. Naomi I. Seal of New England NEW ENGLAND COLONIES

  2. “If any man or woman be a Witch, that is, hath consulteth with a familiar spirit, they shall be put to death.” -Capital Laws established by the Genreral Court of the Connecticut Colony, 1 Decemeber 1642 “If any person within this Jurisdiction, professing the true God, shall wittingly and willingly presum to Blaspheme [curse] the name of God father , son or the holy ghost with direct express, presumtuous or high-handed. Blashphemy, either by willful or obstinate denying of the true God, or his creation or governemnt of the world or shall curse God, father, son, holy ghost, such person shall be put to death.” - Laws of Plymouth Colony, 1671 Quotes

  3. New England Colonies Map

  4. Pilgrim leaders drew up and signed the brief Mayflower Compact. • The May Flower Compact was signed by 41 men • The pilgrims made their on laws in open discussion town meetings. • The May Flower Compact was a simple agreement to form a crude government and to submit to the will of the majority under the regulations agreed upon. Political

  5. The colonies were made for religious freedom for Puritans. • Women were encouraged to be married and birthrate started to exceed. • Kids were taught how to read and write latin and math in grammer school (boys only). • In college, students were taught to be part of there ministry. • Purtians ran their own churches, and democracy. • They recognized no higher authority other than Bible. Intellectual

  6. Pictures Harvard in Massachusetts English Settlers in America

  7. People came to New Hampshire for religious freedom and start a new life. • Six religions in New Hampshire (Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptists, Episcopalains, Prebyterians, and Puritans. • Massachusetts religion is Roman Catholics and Quakers. Religious

  8. The Puritans possessed their own individual journals. • Sermons of Puritans were considered to be fine art because of amount of time spent on preparation. • Puritan mindset limited amount of art produced in Americas. • Sports are leisurely or idle activity, and puritans led a life around avoiding idle activity. Art/Culture

  9. Pictures Pilgrims going to Church The Old South Church, Boston

  10. Building ships was a good way of earning money. • Inland waterways and harbors protected ships for fresh water fishing. • Puritan understanding of music came from early oppostion of Catholic belief by protestant reformers. • Most of the first houses are small and log cabins built by Deleware by Swedish. Technology

  11. New Englad colonies based their economy on farming and fishing. • They grow their own food such as corn and wheat • New England colonies also relied on British and European imports. • Between 1698 and 1717 the English governement enforced an unfavorable trade balance to New England and New York by raising duties against colonial export like fish. Economic/Environmental

  12. Women didnt have any major roles in the life of New England • Women did a lot of work around the house • Men from any social studies held any position they wanted • Free blades lived in New England than any other colonies • Blacks were allowed to own their own land and farm. Social

  13. What is the difference between Puritans and Pilgrims? • Puritans are a group of Protestants who believed in strict religious discipline. Puritanism was arising in the church of England to purify the church.Pilgrims are the early English settlers who founded the Plymouth colony and were the first English settlment in New England. Pilgrims were a group of Seperatists, members of a radical religious movement that broke from the Church of England • What is the Mayflower Compact? • It is the first governing document of Plymouth Colony in 1620. The Mayflower Compact was written with fair and equal laws, for the good and the will of majority. Level One Questions

  14. Why did the Puritans move to the new world? • They moved to the New World for religious freedom from the British because they wanted to purify the Anglican church. • Why did women not have any major roles in New England? • Women did alot of work around the house instead. While men from any social studies held any position they wanted. Level TWO Questions

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