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Awareness Campaign PowerPoint Presentation
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Awareness Campaign

Awareness Campaign

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Awareness Campaign

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  1. Awareness Campaign “Animal Endangerment” By Tomas Roberts

  2. Why? • The reason I want to do this awareness campaign is that I have a natural curiosity of the statistics of each endangered animal, the cause of the endangerment and what can be done about it. • The topic is Animal Endangerment and focuses on the following four endangered animals: Polar Bears, Pandas, Snow Leopards . I have chosen this topic to raise awareness to people about the crisis that some animals are going through, what could happen and what we can do about it.

  3. Statistics 3. Giant Panda Location: Central East China Population: 1,600 Status: Endangered Cause of endangerment: Deforestation 1. Snow Leopard Location: Central Asia Population: 4,000-2,000 Status: Endangered Cause of endangerment: Hunted for fur 4. Proboscis Monkey Location: Borneo Population: 7,000 Status: Endangered Cause of Endangerment: Hunting and Deforestation 2. Polar Bear Location: North Pole, Alaska, Russia and Northern Canada Population: 25,000-20,000 Status: Vulnerable Cause of Endangerment: Melting ice caps caused by global warming and hunted for fur and meat by Inuit tribes.

  4. Advertisements

  5. Info graphic Posters

  6. Advertising Technique and Method • The technique I will be using for my poster will be informal and surreal. • I will create an A3 poster using info graphic style. • I will show how my poster can be advertised.E.g. bus stops, tube stations, billboards, etc.

  7. Target Audience • My target audience will be primary school children ages 4-11. It is suitable because they are our future to keep the animals safe and have good support to the environment. Schools also do a lot of projects on endangered animals. • A school in Caerphilly did a project about endangered animals. • This project was part of the curriculum.

  8. My Ideas These are the two font styles I might use for my poster. These are the images I will use for my poster. I drew the animals with the drawing software Paint Tool SAI, by using a Wacom Bamboo tablet connected to my laptop and using a stylus to draw and the line art comes up on the screen.

  9. How? I will produce my poster by using Paint Tool SAI to draw the animals, Photoshop to put in typography, and Illustrator for the info graphics.