a public awareness campaign n.
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a public awareness campaign

a public awareness campaign

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a public awareness campaign

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  1. a public awareness campaign

  2. What is Life, Well Run? Life, Well Run is an ICMA initiative to raise awareness of and appreciation for the value professional managers bring to building effective local government and great communities.

  3. Why Life, Well Run? • As the federal government and many state governments face a fiscal crisis and deep political divisions, our quality of life increasingly will depend on effective local government and the creative, steady, and ethical skills of professional managers • As the profession enters its second 100 years, many senior managers are retiring, creating an urgent need to attract talented young people to the profession.

  4. Target Audiences • Opinion leaders in the media, think tanks, and other leading organizations • Individuals interested in community/civic engagement • Business leaders • Elected officials • Next generation of professional managers • National membership organizations (e.g., the Chamber of Commerce and Association of Community Associations) • Potential campaign funders • ICMA members

  5. What will the campaign do? • Increase awareness about what professional managers do, and how they make government effective, ethical, and efficient • Document successes of professional managers spanning the past century and their value to communities today • Attract the next generation of professionals to local government service

  6. The Campaign Strategy The campaign taps into community pride: focusing attention on what makes a community proud encouraging residents to express their community pride highlighting the role of the professional manager in creating the kind of community we’re proud to call home

  7. Campaign Tools Vibrant website: Active social media engagement “City Lives” time-lapsed videos “How Communities Grow” videos focusing on managers and utilizing significant interviews with third-party validators “My Pride” photo contest Online resources for members

  8. Campaign Status Pilot communities launched Testing tactics and messages in Texas and Illinois Developed the first in a series of videos, and here’s the one from Seguin, TX…

  9. Seguin Lives Time-Lapse Video

  10. What’s Next? Life, Well Run session at ICMA’s annual conference October 7th to 10th in Phoenix/Maricopa County with panel of managers from pilot communities Draft national campaign plan Roll out national campaign in 2013

  11. What Can You Do? Contact Amy Mayers with stories of your community successes at Link to the Life, Well Run website Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter Use the Life, Well Run messages in your communications Attend the Life, Well Run session at ICMA’s annual conference Make a donation to support Life, Well Run

  12. For further information: Catherine M. Smith 202-962-3632