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EU Security Awareness Campaign PowerPoint Presentation
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EU Security Awareness Campaign

EU Security Awareness Campaign

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EU Security Awareness Campaign

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  1. EU Security Awareness Campaign Follow-up on the idea to introduce the campaign in Europe Vienna, 16-9-2004 Elise Roders

  2. Previously at TNC (June 2004) • Dutch Campaign introduced • Discussed possibilities What did we learn?

  3. Issues raised Even though the Dutch concept was praised at Rhodes, some issues were raised: • In many countries NRENs do not communicate with their end-users directly. This may cause difficulties • Many countries do not have budget for a campaign like ‘Out to get you’

  4. What about reaching the end-users? If your NREN is interested in the campaign, but needs the cooperation of connected organisations, we can provide a basic text to be used in letters or leaflets, explaining the aim of the campaign. This way the necessary support for the campaign can be gained. It will be up to the NREN to contact the organisations concerned.

  5. What about money? TERENA, BELNET and SURFnet are currently exploring the options the EU provides. Funds will be granted easier if the project is supported by more countries: We need to know who wants to join!

  6. Online material A website is the core of the campaign

  7. Included in these prices are: • Creating a flexible website, that provides a basis for countries to join; • Creating a style book to be used by the people working with their local site; • Adjusting animations, buttons, visuals etc. to the local language; • Adding local language version (Flash + HTML). • Translated texts have to be provided by local NREN

  8. Printed material / giveaways Again there are multiple options. Designs can be made in Holland, but printed at local companies. This may save costs. Costs depend on numbers / languages etc. Examples (actual costs in Dutch campaign): • 2500 posters: EUR945 (prints) + EUR500 (design) • 10,000 mints: EUR 1350 (production) + EUR 475 (design) • Advertisement in 300,000 school agendas: EUR 30,000

  9. These indications are all based on the assumption that the Dutch concept is not changed. If changes are required additional costs have to be taken into account.

  10. What do we need to decide? • Who wants to distribute information (and will therefore need a basic text)? • Who wants to participate at the central level? • Did we leave out anything?

  11. Any questions? For more information: Elise Roders Manager Community Support SURFnet bv