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Women’s Fitness Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Women’s Fitness Tips

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Women’s Fitness Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Just search “Find Gyms near me” and you will get the results online. Consult good trainers and make your muscles.

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Women’s Fitness Tips

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Being a woman if you are starting a gym and threatened or worried about what to do or how you can start? There are lots of exercises machines and most of the gyms are packed with men and it might be difficult for you to start a gym

You should know how to start and by following which steps your body will be kicked off on a weight lifting regimen.

simple exercises
Simple Exercises

As a starter you must start with simple and basic exercises. The reason of doing this is that your muscles get used to it and you can start doing heavy exercises in the future.

If you starts with heavy exercises you will damage your muscles.

concentrate on your form
Concentrate on Your Form

Initially you don’t need to lift more as you are expecting. You shouldn’t be worried about your individual bests. At the start you have to concentrate only on your activity that whether you are doing it perfectly or not. And for this the specific machine will guide you through out but you should also be watchful in the process.

The main thing is that you must check that your back squeeze level, chest press and shoulder press etc.

focus on your goals
Focus on Your Goals

Some time women doesn’t know that what they are lifting and for why? Always be in your comfort zone and do not do something extra. If you do extra you can harm your body.

start up with warming up
Start up With Warming Up

For starting an exercise you should start up with a warm up before each and every exercise.

This is very important because by warming up your muscles will be activated and your nervous system and blood flow will work properly. Without doing warm up you will harm your body.

strengthen your muscles
Strengthen your Muscles

To strengthen your muscles you should know that every movement of your body gives strength to your muscles. By doing this compound movement for up to five reps or sets you are strengthening your muscles.

shape up your muscles
Shape up Your Muscles

Strengthening muscles and after that giving shape to your muscles is very much important. These exercise will give your body shape. Do not try too much hard that your shape of your body gets disturbed.

Just search “Find Gyms near me” and you will get the results online. Consult good trainers and make your muscles.

cardio health fat loss
Cardio Health & Fat Loss

Cardio exercises are very important but you have to do it on by taking intervals. It also helps in fat loss.

You have to do it for 45 mins on low power cardio and for one week.

select your own plan
Select Your Own Plan

If you want to choose your own plan following things might help you:

  • Compound Lifts
  • Accessory Lifts
  • Sets And Reps
  • Rest
  • Progression
  • Cardio
diet you need
Diet You Need

Diet is very important, even more important that exercise and you need to use the following things.

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates