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Personal Fitness Merit Badge PowerPoint Presentation
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Personal Fitness Merit Badge

Personal Fitness Merit Badge

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Personal Fitness Merit Badge

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  1. Personal Fitness Merit Badge

  2. Personal Fitness Merit Badge • This Merit Badge is required to earn the Eagle Scout Rank. • Make sure that you have the current Personal Fitness Merit Badge Pamphlet (2006 printing). • There is one known error in this pamphlet: We have been informed of an editorial error in the pamphlet, regarding the Strength Tests the Scout must do in requirements 6 and 8. In the text of the pamphlet, and in the current edition of Boy Scout Requirements, the Scout is told to record his performance on all three tests (Sit-ups, Push-ups, and Pull-ups). This was a change made in 2006/2007. In the table on page 72 of the black and white (33286B) pamphlet, and the same table in the color (35927) edition, the table was not changed to reflect the changed requirement, and the Scout is incorrectly directed to do the Sit-ups and either Push-ups or Pull-ups. • Be sure you use the most recent Worksheet Revision (December 2008) – T4 Website will be updated

  3. The Components of Personal Fitness • Physical Fitness is Important, but we are also concerned about: • Social, • Emotional, • Mental and • Spiritual aspects of Fitness

  4. Personal Fitness Merit Badge Requirements • Requirement 1: • Before completing requirements 2 through 9, have your health-care practitioner give you a thorough examination using the Scout medical examination form. • Have a dental examination. Get a statement saying that your teeth have been checked and cared for.

  5. Personal Fitness Merit Badge Requirements • Requirement 2: • Explain to your merit badge counselor verbally or in writing what personal fitness means to you, including: • Components of personal fitness. • Reasons for being fit in all components. • What it means to be mentally healthy. • What it means to be physically healthy and fit. • What it means to be socially healthy. • What you can do to prevent social, emotional, or mental problems?

  6. Personal Fitness Merit Badge Requirements • Requirement 3: • With your counselor answer and discuss the following questions: • Are you free from all curable diseases? • Are you immunized and vaccinated according to the advice of your health-care provider? • Do you understand the meaning of a nutritious diet and know why it is important for you? • Are your body weight and composition what you would like them to be and do you know how to modify it safely through exercise, diet, and behavior modification? • Do you carry out daily activities without noticeable effort? • Are you free from habits relating to poor nutrition and the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other practices that could be harmful to your health? • Do you participate in a regular exercise program or recreational activities? • Do you sleep well at night and wake up feeling refreshed and energized for the new day? • Are you actively involved in the religious organization of your choice, and do you participate in its youth activities? • Do you spend quality time with your family and friends in social and recreational activities? • Do you support family activities and efforts to maintain a good home life?

  7. Personal Fitness Merit Badge Requirements • Requirement 4: • Explain the following about physical fitness: • The components of physical fitness. • Cardiovascular and pulmonary endurance. • Muscular strength and endurance • Flexibility • Body composition • Your weakest and strongest component of physical fitness. • The need to have a balance in all four components of physical fitness. • How the components of personal fitness relate to the Scout Laws and Scout Oath.

  8. Personal Fitness Merit Badge Requirements • Requirement 5: • Explain the following about nutrition: • The importance of good nutrition. • What good nutrition means to you. • How good nutrition is related to the other components of personal fitness. • The three components of a sound weight (fat) control program: • Exercise • Good nutrition • Behavior modification

  9. Personal Fitness Merit Badge Requirements • Requirement 6: • Complete the aerobic fitness, flexibility, muscular strength, and body composition tests as described in the Personal Fitness merit badge pamphlet. Record your results and identify those areas where you feel you need to improve. (See Personal Fitness Merit Badge Pamphlet, pp. 47 – 60)

  10. Requirement 6 - continued

  11. What the Heck is “Sit and Reach”??

  12. Personal Fitness Merit Badge Requirements • Requirement 7: • Outline a 12-week physical fitness program using the results of your physical fitness tests. Be sure your program incorporates the endurance, intensity, and warm-up guidelines discussed in the Personal Fitness merit badge pamphlet. Before beginning your exercises, have the program approved by your counselor and parents. • Alternatively, plan to participate in an organized sports program: soccer, swimming, crew, martial arts, basketball, football, track/cross-country etc. You will still need to outline a physical fitness program.

  13. Requirement 7 - continued • Components of a Physical Fitness Program: • Warm-up • Aerobic Exercises • Strength Exercises • Flexibility Exercises • Cool-Down

  14. Personal Fitness Merit Badge Requirements • Requirement 8: • Complete the physical fitness program you outlined in requirement 7 or participate in an organized sport. Keep a log of your fitness program activity (i.e., how long you exercised; how far you ran, swam, or biked; how many exercise repetitions you completed; your exercise heart rate; etc.). Repeat the aerobic fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility tests every two weeks and record your results (I view this as optional). After the 12th week, repeat all four tests, record your results, and show improvement in each one (this is not optional). Compare and analyze your pre-program and post-program body composition measurements. (See Personal Fitness Pamphlet, pp. 61 - 79)

  15. Personal Fitness Merit Badge Requirements • Requirement 9: • Find out about three career opportunities in personal fitness. • Pick one and find out the education, training, and experience required for this profession. • Discuss what you learned with your counselor, and explain why this profession might interest you.

  16. One Last Thing – There are no Easy Shortcuts! The Dangers of Anabolic Steroids: • Emotional Changes (rage, depression) • Testicular damage and sterility • Liver damage • Skin disease/acne

  17. How to Contact Me • Al Metz (Personal Fitness Merit Badge Counselor) • (734) 665-9478 (home) • (734) 358-9475 (cell) • 2098 Scio Church Ct. Ann Arbor , MI 48103