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AGE of HEROES On-line

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AGE of HEROES On-line - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AGE of HEROES On-line. ABOUT THE GAME. Age of Heroes Online is a multiplatform online RPG- strategy based on series of «Age of Heroes» mobile games by Qplaze ®.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Age of Heroes Onlineis a multiplatform online RPG-strategybased on series of «Age of Heroes» mobile games by Qplaze ®.

It is based on thoroughly developedfantasy worldwith its unique history, geography, magic and traditionally intricate political situation.

For players two basic game variants are available:


Available from PC with Internet access.


Available for mobile phones, communicators and smartphones users.

(Both versions are not limited in functionality and provide players with equal abilities in world of Age of Heroes Online. )



  • For Age of Heroes Online players is available an enormous game world that greatly exceeds the sizes of other multiplatform MMORPG:
  • More than 50 locations with more than 150 unique maps for travelling and exploring;
  • More than 60 buildings and objects – from palaces to tombs, from tradesmen shops to gladiators’ arenas;
  • 9 different types of locality and game landscape vividly illustrating the differences between game races;
  • More than 25 types of battle fields completely depended on type of locality.
  • Gameplay of Age of Heroes Online can surprise with its variety even experienced players of online PC games:
  • In game there are more than 100 creatures with most of which player can not only fight but also hire them to his army;
  • 5 races of Age of Heroes Online not only have their own set of creatures but also unique locations, architecture, cities, heroes and magic schools;
  • For player there are available more than 130 unique quests and tasks of different degree of complexity and in different localities full of danger and adventures;


  • Multiplatformity.
  • Age of Heroes Online is available both for users of PC and different mobile devices – mobile phones, pocket PC, communicators – at any time and almost in any place;
  • Also Age of Heroes Online freely operates on most of mobile phones with Java MIDP 2.0 support and Internet access;
  • Therewith, game functionality on different devices is the same and gives no advantage to one or another player.
  • Availability.
  • Age of Heroes Onlineis developed on the basis of one of the most popular settings of fantasy style – story of a huge world populated with humans, elves, orcs and gnomes;
  • Controls used in game are simple and user-friendly… history of the world and game abilities are presented to a player gradually, step by step;
  • For player are available all the races in game and plenty of development ways for every game class. With almost every NPC or object in game player can interact – talk, fight, look over.
  • Flexibility.
  • Age of Heroes Online architecture allows to launch the game on most wide-spread mobile devices and computers with minimal technical characteristics;
  • Browser version of Age of Heroes Online works with all wide-spread browsers, does not require high speed of Internet connection and is not sensitive to connection break out;
  • Game updates and improvements are performed on-the-fly, almost not distracting user from the game process.



Orcs call it Hri-Hoar, Steppe, surrounded by seas and mountains, floating in great emptiness under weariless eye of Father of Ravens.

Gnomes call it the Rock - Rham, opposite to heaven with shining stones - stars, and hot fireplace of the Sun in it.

Aivail o'Emielle - "place of forests and plains" - that's how elves call it, they were the first who set foot on this land.

Aivail - that's how first humans knowing Elder Language called it.

So many names for one world that became home for everyone.

It's sands absorbed blood of thousands of warriors. It's winds fanned fires, and rains extinguished them, races have been dying under it's skies.

Aivail - world of heroes

It is 169th year Ninth epoch, 1258th year since the Day of Advent by human calendar, and 3432th year according to holy books of gnomes.



Variant 1 (unlimited license)

This variant implies fixed rate for certain period based on operator’s subscriber base.

Calculations are made according to the formula:

A/10 000 000 x B x 0,85 , where:

А – operator’s subscriber base

10 000 000 – specified capacity rates

B – price for 1 capacity (10 000 000) – 50000 EUR

0,85 – rate with discount

Example: Operator has 18 000 000 million subscribers, then the cost of license will be:

18 000 000 / 10 000 000 х 50 000 EURх 0,85 =

= 76 500 EUR

Variant2 (revenue sharing)

This variant implies the payment of 50% of the sum received from subscribers in the project, and also signing of coordinated plan of project’s advertising campaign.

Variant2 (revenue sharing + guarantee payment)

This variant implies the payment of 15% of the sum received from subscribers in the project + there is a guarantee for revenue in the amount of 5 000 EUR, with this variant operator does not coordinate project’s advertising campaign plans with NOMOCPublishing



Age of Heroes game series won the huge audience of mobile strategies and RPG fans. The game is still one of the best in its genre.

NOMOC Publishing is ready to providesingle-versions of the game (I, II, III, IV), in frames of promo-campaignfor promotingAge of Heroes on-line, for free distribution among subscribers.

Every subscriber who subscribed for Age of Heroes on-linegets 4 games as a gift!