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Government On-Line: Serving Canadians in a Digital Age PowerPoint Presentation
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Government On-Line: Serving Canadians in a Digital Age

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Government On-Line: Serving Canadians in a Digital Age - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Government On-Line: Serving Canadians in a Digital Age
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  1. Government On-Line:Serving Canadians in a Digital Age Presentation to Professional Practices Students Faculty of Engineering and Design Carleton University Jill Velenosi Deputy Chief Information Officer Government of Canada March 11, 2002

  2. Governments are investing in getting on-line... • Strengthening their relationships with citizens: • improve services (access, quality, responsiveness) • facilitate participation in policy making • enhance accountability and transparency • Strengthening their economies: • reduce cost and burden of transacting with government • encourage innovation • encourage e-commerce • Renewing their public administrations: • innovate to update internal processes • renew the work force … to remain relevant and responsive

  3. The federal government today... • 126 departments, agencies, Crown corporations • Many partially decentralized • Offices from coast to coast • Responsible for more than 1600 programs and services • 160,000 public servants (not including separate agencies and Crown corps.) • IM / IT spending approximately $3.8 billion annually ... large and complex

  4. Technology underpins government operation today... • Average of 4 million page requests per month on the Canada main web site ( • 100,000 visitors to the Job Bank every day (46,000 jobs on-line each day) • 1.5 million tax returns filed via Internet in 2001 • more expected this year • 6 million e-mail exchanges within government every day … and enables a smart government for the future

  5. Internet Use in Canada Government and Internet Government On-Line driven by growing Internet use • 69% of Canadians (82% of youth) have Internet access Communication Canada, January 2002 • Canadians spend the most time on-line in the world (9.1 hours per week) Communication Canada, Spring 2001 • 69% of SMEs and almost 100% of larger enterprises use the Internet Canadian Federation of Independent Business, August 2000 • In the last three months, 51% of Canadian Internet users visited a government web site Communication Canada, January 2002 • 81% consider greater emphasis on the use of information technology by governments to be a move in the right direction EKOS, Fall 2001 • 73% of Canadians who use the Government’s Internet-based information or services were satisfied with the overall quality Communication Canada, Winter 2001

  6. Accessibility Single Window Service Client Satisfaction EnablingPlatform Government On-Line Government On-Line supports... Service Quality In-Person Telephone Internet … service delivery transformation across all channels

  7. Towards a GOL vision for 2005 Using information and communication technology to enhance Canadians’ access to improved citizen-centred, integrated services, anytime, anywhere and in the official language of their choice Core assumption: • GOL is a service initiative, designed to improve services across all channels • 2005 is a major milestone against which departmental and cross-government achievements will be assessed • If done right, transformation will continue beyond 2005

  8. Canada’s Government On-Line priorities • Most commonly used information and transactional services on-line • priorities will reflect client benefits as well as opportunities for effectiveness • Common infrastructure • common electronic service platform to integrate and support secure Internet, telephone and in-person services • Policy, standards and practices • address key policy issues: privacy, authentication, security, information management, procurement, risk management • Communications • broader citizen engagement through on-line consultations and public reporting • Concerted approach to human resources • the right skills for electronic and other service delivery

  9. Consequences for government To achieve benefits for citizens, the GOL initiative must be: • Co-ordinated to achieve progress across GoC (common infrastructure, policies, etc.) • Collaborative across departments and jurisdictions, involving the private and not-for profit sectors • Cost neutral across service delivery channels: increase use of self-service channels for routine transactions • Transformative, moving towards service re-engineering and integration, over time, where it makes sense • Innovative, using proven best-of-breed technologies and private sector partnerships

  10. Where are we today? • Canada Site redesigned and Gateways launched • Government On-Line pathfinder projects launched: • For Canadians:employment insurance, tax filing, passports, jobs search, pensions, First Nations telehealth… • For Canadian businesses:registration, sources of financing, procurement, grants and contributions, farm income support... • For Non-Canadians:status of citizenship applications, information about Canada... • Common infrastructure under way: secure channel, public key infrastructure, common directories, messaging, architecture and standards • Policy redesign - privacy, authentication and information management

  11. Canada Site meets client needs...

  12. Canadians Jobs Health Taxes Youth Seniors Others Clustering information and services... Non-Canadians Business Start-up Financing Taxation Regulations Human Resources Others Going to Canada Canada & the World Doing business with Canada Others Subject Clusters ... around 3 client groups

  13. Results to date -- service improvement • Canadians looking for ability to conduct transactions securely on-line • Central investment accelerating transformation of some key services used by citizens and businesses • More than 50 “pathfinders” selected for investment: • for citizens: income tax filing, employment insurance application, applying for a passport, change of address • for businesses: registering a business, corporate tax filing, selling to government, grants and contributions • for international clients: applying for immigration

  14. Creating the right climate ... • Policy frameworks and toolkits: • privacy • security • information management • authentication • procurement • Communications: • external advisory panel • Internet user panel • regular reporting to ministers, senior managers, GOL leads • private sector events • public reporting ... policies, toolkits, communications

  15. Communications ( f.asp)

  16. People and skills for GOL • Strategies for change in human resources: • support development of communities of practice for IT, IM and Service Delivery • focus on capacity-building, recruitment, retention and reskilling • develop and share community initiatives, management and work practices • GOL is key to modernizing public service, attracting the best & brightest

  17. Results to date -- common infrastructure Contract with consortium to build common secure infrastructure: • Assures citizens that transactions and information are protected • Assures citizens of authenticity and integrity of government sites and databases • Protects against network intrusions • Provides identification and authentication services for individuals and businesses (PKI) • Departments need common secure infrastructure for on-line delivery

  18. Components of the common infrastructure • Application Integration Services - Common service broker to enable external and internal programs and services to inter-operate • Security & Authentication Services - Public Key Infrastructure offering digital signatures and certificates, and authentication & authorization services • Messaging Services - Ability to send protected and classified messages and documents within the federal community • Directory Services - Common authoritative source of information on trusted partners, public servants, individuals, businesses and services • Network Services • Architecture and Planning Services - Federated architecture for common infrastructure capabilities

  19. The secure channel and service broker Intelligent • enables single window / integrated services • includes e-directories • enables integration of voice and data (voice over IP) Robust • scalable to handle future volumes • offers full redundancy • built to “industrial strength” Secure • supports multiple levels of security • fully PKI enabled -- supports digital signatures

  20. Distributed Processes Central Processes/Data Business Logic & Data Kiosks Dept A Directory Systems Data Back Channel Web CA Mgmt Mobile Client Secure Store Dept B • Front Channel Platform Profile Phone Back Channel Systems Data Communication Adapter Settlement E-Mail Session Mgmt … Authent. Mgmt Dept C Workflow Systems Back Channel Data . . . Access Domain Secure Channel Domain Departmental Domain Service Broker: A key component of service strategy

  21. PKI Authentication Services PKI: • an infrastructure that can be leveraged across multiple programs/applications • extensible, scalable and interoperable • able to support multiple/variable functional and security needs • easy to use • centrally manageable • economic, strategic and leading edge

  22. PKI deployment status • Governance and policy framework established • PKI software licenses in place • Internal-to-government PKI services available • 7 internal CAs cross-certified • 17 plus pathfinders to build on • Client-facing PKI being established • Single CA set up with multiple registration / authentication sites • 5 pathfinders lined up • Privilege Management Infrastructure (PMI) • design work in progress

  23. Canada is setting a world precedent • Pioneer and leader in the development and deployment of PKI • Working towards interoperability with the private sector and other governments in Canada • Public Sector CIO Council • e.g. Canadian Payments Association, FundServ, JuriCert • Working internationally • US, Washington State, NY State, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and more

  24. Strategic investments in GOL • $280 million over 2 fiscal years (2000-2001 and 2001-2002) to initiate Government On-Line and: • accelerate departmental GOL “Pathfinder” projects • design & build the common infrastructure • determine which policies & standards need to be updated • $600 million over the next 4 years to implement the key common infrastructure, sustain service and business transformation, complete policies & standards • Departments & agencies also leveraging their own funds and/or related policy/program initiatives

  25. What’s next for Government On-Line? • Benchmarking and communicating progress • Identification of common business processes (i.e. grants & contributions, change of address, etc.) and opportunities for efficiencies • Procurement - innovative public-private sector partnerships • Coordination and management of service delivery across channels • Seamless government: inter-jurisdictional relationships • Citizen engagement / e-democracy ... on the road to 2005

  26. Challenges • Effecting real change: • service transformation • common business processes • policy challenges • security • government-wide architecture Sustainability: • long term governance • management of IT assets and shared services • IRR / ROI • resourcing • private-public sector partnerships Relationship management: • cross-channel management • service standards • inter-jurisdictional • citizen engagement / e-democracy

  27. For more information (visit our refreshed site March 25, 2002)

  28. Government On-Line:Serving Canadians in a Digital Age Presentation to Professional Practices Students Faculty of Engineering and Design Carleton University Jill Velenosi Deputy Chief Information Officer Government of Canada March 11, 2002