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  1. Heroes Theme 5 Selection 1 Selection 2 Selection 3

  2. Heroes • Who are some of your heroes? Why do you respect them? • What would make you feel like a hero? • Why do you think firefighters were chosen to illustrate the “Heroes” theme? What makes them heroes?

  3. Heroes Genre: Realistic Fiction Realistic characters and events come to life in a fictional plot

  4. Purposesfor Reading • Strategy focus: predict/infer • Comprehension skill: cause and effect • Vocabulary development • Critical thinking, discussion

  5. Strategy Focus:Predict /Infer Predict and infer: What does the title and cover of the story make me think the story will be about? Inferby thinking about how you would act, or what you would do in this situation. Then predict what will happen in the story.

  6. boycott civil rights (movement) fare protest stupendous slush skit Key Vocabulary

  7. boycott a refusal to buy from a company

  8. civil rights (movement) referring to the legal privileges every American citizen is guaranteed

  9. fare the money a person must pay to travel, as on a bus or subway

  10. protest to express strong feelings against something

  11. stupendous amazing

  12. slush Watery snow

  13. skit a brief play

  14. redo treatment rebuild discolor careless dislike sickness beautiful unlucky awful reread unsure movement peaceful unpaid distrust kindness useless displease powerful Spelling FocusPrefixes and suffixes • unusual • rearrange • appointment • discontinue • resourceful

  15. Genre: Biography A true story of the life of a real person.

  16. Purposesfor Reading • Strategy focus: monitor/clarify • Comprehension skill: making judgments • Vocabulary development • Critical thinking, discussion

  17. Strategy Focus:Monitor/Clarify Monitor: What happened first? Next? Clarify: Do I understand the story? As you read about Gloria Estefan’s rise to musical fameMonitoryour reading to make sure you understand the sequence of events.Clarifywhat you don’t understand.

  18. career contract demonstrated eventually specializes tireless worldwide Key Vocabulary

  19. career what someone does as a job

  20. contract a written agreement

  21. demonstrated showed clearly

  22. eventually at the end; finally

  23. specializes to be involved in a particular activity

  24. tireless able to work a long time without getting tired

  25. worldwide all over the world

  26. sunnier cloudier windier cities heaviest prettiest studied easier noisier families ferries crazier funnier earlier copied hobbies angriest emptied worried happiest Spelling FocusFinal y to i • iciest • hazier • breezier • companies • qualities

  27. Heroes Genre: Biography A true story of the life of a real person.

  28. Purposesfor Reading • Strategy focus: evaluate • Comprehension skill: fact and opinion • Vocabulary development • Critical thinking, discussion

  29. Strategy Focus:Evaluate Evaluate: What clues does the author give me to help me understand that Lou Gehrig was a hero? Lou Gehrig was a hero both on and off the baseball field. As you read about his life, evaluate how well the author shows Gehrig’s heroism.

  30. consecutive fielding first baseman (to) honor modest shortstop sportsmanship Key Vocabulary

  31. consecutive following one right after the other

  32. fielding in baseball, picking up a ball and throwing it to the correct player

  33. first baseman the baseball player who guards the area around first base

  34. (to) honor to show special respect for

  35. modest having a quiet, humble view of oneself

  36. shortstop The baseball player who guards the area between second base and third base

  37. sportsmanship the quality someone has when acting with dignity in difficult situations

  38. pilot depend visit human seven chosen paper reason become parent never modern tiny tuna event fever moment prison basic open Spelling FocusVCV Pattern • alert • license • select • radar • feature