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  1. Heroes By Asiyah

  2. My Criteria For A Hero A hero is someone that : • Tries to make positive change • Cares about others • Has dedication • Does things for others • Doesn’t do things for recognition.

  3. The herothat I chose is… NancyZuch

  4. Background Information When Nancy’s daughter Morgan was just two years old, she was diagnosed with leukemia. Morgan wasn’t allowed to go anywhere other than her home and the hospital because she had a very weak immune system and exposure to any sickness, even a cold, could be life threatening to her.

  5. Background Information Nancy was upset that Morgan couldn’t go to school with all of her friends because of her leukemia, so she decided she needed to change that. One day at the hospital Morgan was playing with another child who had cancer. She thought that that was okay because the child, like her wasn’t exposed to germs. She then realized that she should start something for all these kids like Morgan. A place where they could all learn and play without getting sick.

  6. So Nancy decided to start The Morgan Center.

  7. The Morgan Center • Children aged 2 ½ to 5 years old are accepted • There are no tuition fees • It is open 3 days a week • It was created to provide preschool aged kids with cancer the opportunity to learn and socialize in a clean and safe environment.

  8. The Morgan Center is a preschool for children with cancer who aren’t allowed to go out in public spaces or go to school. At the Morgan Center,kids with cancer can learn and make friends without worrying about getting sick The Morgan Center

  9. Since the children have weak immune systems because of their chemotherapy, each child has their own individual supply box which includes glues, crayons and play dough. Their supplies are never shared and are washed after each use. The Morgan Center

  10. Today… • The Morgan Center is still giving children with cancer an opportunity to learn and make friends.

  11. Why I think Nancy is a hero: • She made a positive change. • She cared about all of the children at the Morgan Center. • She was dedicated to helping the children. • She helped a lot of kids make new friends.

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  13. The End!