Kindle fire tablet not recognizing my computer how to fix this problem
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Kindle Fire tablet Not recognizing my computer: how to fix this problem? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This presentation is about the inability of Kindle Fire to connect to PC. There could be a number of reasons leading to this issue. Before getting Kindle help and support. IF you got any confusion related to these troubleshooting Steps Call us TOLL 1-855-856-2653 or visit

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Kindle fire tablet not recognizing my computer how to fix this problem

Kindle Fire tablet Not recognizing my computer: how to fix this problem?

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tablet Help Support – About us this problem?

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Key Aspects of Tablet Help Support this problem?

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How to fix the issue of my computer not being able to recognize my kindle fire tablet
How To Fix The Issue Of My Computer Not Being Able To Recognize My Kindle Fire Tablet

Introduction Recognize My Kindle Fire

  • It is a well-known fact that Amazon Kindle was launched as an e-book reader, but over the years, it has evolved and became a lot more than just an e-reader. Amazon has included Wi-Fi into the list of features followed by email.

  • The current situation is that the Kindle is an Android-powered tablet, which is known as Kindle Fire. You will be surprised to know that Amazon Kindle Fire is the most popular Kindle device in the world today.

Basic usb connection issues
Basic USB connection issues Recognize My Kindle Fire

  • You can easily connect your Kindle Fire with your computer through a USB cable. Using that connection, you get the option to load as many e-books as your device can accommodate, plus you can easily manage the content on the tablet.

  • But, the main obstacle between the communications of your Kindle Fire with computer is either the hardware issue or the software. The company recommends its users to connect Kindle Fire devices to a USB port situated on the back of the CPU.

  • No such thing has been recommended for laptops. The reason for choosing the back USB ports is that they are higher-powered. After connecting the devices, restart the computer and see if it recognizes the Kindle or not. If the problem is not resolved, then go to Kindle com supportfor more assistance.

Usb port problem
USB Recognize My Kindle Fire port problem

  • The problem related to communication is not a Kindle-specific problem. You have to make sure that the USB port, which you have selected for connecting the device is fully functional.

  • You can also try connecting other devices to that same port, and if they are working properly, then the port is working. You can also connect your Kindle to other ports and see which port picks up the device

  • If you don’t see your device, then take help of Amazon Kindle support because only they can help you in the best way.

Usb cable problem
USB cable problem Recognize My Kindle Fire

  • If you find that the cable is broken, then it is certain that Windows will not be able to recognize the Kindle. So, no info will be transmitted to the PC to acknowledge as to which device you have plugged into it.

  • You can make use of another USB cable to see if that works or not. There are many smartphones that make use of the same USB cable as your Kindle. If none of the cable works, then the software in your Kindle might be corrupt. Get Kindle Fire support for fixing software related issues.

Restart your amazon kindle
Restart your Amazon Kindle Recognize My Kindle Fire

  • Just like the majority of the tablets and smartphones, you will find a built-in reset feature in the Amazon Kindle that clears the memory and reloads the OS. It is just like rebooting a PC.

  • You will see that by restarting your Amazon Kindle has resolved a number of software issues, which were present earlier. Now, you have to press the power button and hold it for 20 seconds to turn off the device. Then, tap and hold it to turn the device on.

  • Now, try reconnecting your device to the PC and most probably, your PC will recognize it. If not, then go to www Kindle com support and tell them about the problem you are facing.

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Contact Recognize My Kindle Fire For latest Tablet news And Tech Support

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