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CHRISTIANITY. THE SECOND LARGEST WORLD RELIGION. BEGINNINGS. From Judaism Based on teachings of Jesus Christ Early persecution Constantine’s conversion Papal Authority Impact of Christianity of Europe and World. SCHISMS.

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Christianity l.jpg



Beginnings l.jpg

  • From Judaism

  • Based on teachings of Jesus Christ

  • Early persecution

  • Constantine’s conversion

  • Papal Authority

  • Impact of Christianity of Europe and World

Schisms l.jpg

  • 1054 first break between Latin speaking church in West and Greek speaking church in East

  • Catholic and Orthodoxy

  • Protestant Reformation (reasons why)

  • Martin Luther’s 95 thesis 1817

  • Henry VIII

Basic beliefs of christianity l.jpg

  • Jesus Christ is Son of God

  • Bible is word of God

  • Bible composed of Old and New Testament and Apocrypha

  • Translation issues with Bible

  • Basic belief in love, forgiveness and repentance

  • By dying and then rising from dead, Christ made world redemption possible

Trinity l.jpg

  • Basis of Catholicism

  • Son, Jesus Christ, is truly God and truly human

  • Father, Son and Holy Spirit makes up trinity

  • Not considered as having a gender

  • Triune is both one and three

  • Fact that it defies logic is part of Dogma

Catholicism l.jpg

  • Belief in Bishop of Rome or Pope

  • Participation in Sacraments, like Eucharist, penance, baptism, marriage, etc are necessary

  • Church has complete divine revelation

  • Pope and Bishops have authority

  • Human soul is immortal

  • Virgin Mary was preserved from original sin by being mother of Jesus and after her life she was assumed into heaven

  • Papal Infallibility

Orthodox church l.jpg

  • Most doctrinal issues similar to Catholicism because were united in beginning

  • Use leavened bread

  • Liturgies sung, not spoken

  • Priests may marry before being ordained

  • Infants may receive communion

  • Less centralized the Catholicism

  • Typically nationalistic and cultural

Protestantism l.jpg

  • Term to describe Christian religions who came after the Reformations

  • Respect for Individual experience

  • Lay believers have same access to God as clergy

  • Bible is source of infallible truth

  • Believer is justified by God’s grace, not by good deeds or religious institution

Other denominations l.jpg

  • Anglican Church: rejects Rome but agrees with Roman Dogma on most issues

  • Episcopal: American version of Anglican Church

  • Methodist: focus on repentance, individual faith and responsibility for making society better

  • Baptists: baptism must be a conscience adult choices that goes with accepting Jesus Christ

  • Congregationalism: local churches operate separately from central power

Other denominations cont l.jpg

  • Quakers: reject ordained ministers and sacraments, views life as sacred

  • Mennonites: commitment to live as simply as possible

  • Unitarian: rejects Trinity and see Christ as teacher not divine

  • Christian Science: spiritual world is true reality

  • Jehovah’s Witness: see Bible as absolute true and expect Armageddon to occur soon followed by 1000 year rule by Christ

  • Mormons: Book of Mormon with Bible