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Safety Motivation PowerPoint Presentation
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Safety Motivation

Safety Motivation

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Safety Motivation

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  1. Safety Motivation Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company Safety Department

  2. Why Work Safely? • Safety is important! • Workers must be aware of hazards associated with his/her position • We do not want hazards to become accidents • Safety practices should be on-going… they never stop! • Failure to follow safety precautions just once can lead to serious or fatal accidents

  3. Why Work Safely? • To prevent injury • To prevent illness • To prevent lost time at work • To protect bystanders (i.e. co-workers, patrons, etc.) • To protect worker’s family • To protect the community

  4. Why Work Safely? • Protection of yourself and your co-workers should be your main motivation for working safely! • Our company trains you in safety procedures because of our commitment to the health and safety of our employees

  5. Why Work Safely? • Another point of motivation: safe working practices are the law • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) enforces strict safety and health standards designed to protect employees • Not following these standards put the employee at risk and can hold the company responsible for a fine

  6. Why Work Safely? • Housekeeping is a major part of safe working practices • Clean working areas reduce accidents • Disposal of trash and waste in the proper manner prevents fires or other hazardous environments

  7. Why Work Safety? • This company employs a great deal of machinery • Machinery can be dangerous • Our machinery is equipped with machine guards to reduce the risk of injury • Guards should not be removed unless being maintenance by trained personnel

  8. Why Work Safely? • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) • Depending on the job, PPE can be required • PPE helps to prevents injury to the employee • PPE is provided by the company • PPE should be appropriate for the job • PPE is selected and mandated by safety procedures • Employees will be trained on their specific PPE if necessary

  9. Why Work Safely? • We make training available to every employee but some may still have questions • When questions arise, simply ask! • We want all of our employees to understand their job

  10. Why Work Safely? • Our safety program is only as good as the employee’s implementation of it • Following safety protocol helps to ensure a safe working environment for everyone

  11. Why Work Safely? • Every employee should make safety a priority • Almost every job has some degree of hazard • Safe working practices should be carried out all the time • The company has safe working procedures and training available for concerned employees

  12. Quiz • Explain why safety is an ongoing process. Failing to follow safety procedures even just one time can lead to an accident

  13. Quiz • How do your safe working practices effect others? Working safely can prevent accidents which could affect co-workers, their family, or the community

  14. Quiz • What is OSHA? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is a government agency that establishes and enforces strict safety and health requirements in the workplace.

  15. Quiz • How does the company demonstrate its commitment to your safety and health? We have safe working procedures as well as training available to employees concerning these practices and their job.

  16. Quiz • Why should safety be a priority even if your job is not particularly dangerous? Almost any job has some hazard associated with it so safe working practices should be carried out at all times.

  17. Quiz • Why is Housekeeping important? Clean working areas mean less accidents and the less chance of hazards being present.

  18. Quiz • What is true about machine guards? They are designed to prevent contact with dangerous machine parts and should never be removed while in operation

  19. Quiz • What is PPE and when should you use it? Personal Protective Equipment Use depends on the job.