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Production ideas for my music magazine PowerPoint Presentation
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Production ideas for my music magazine

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Production ideas for my music magazine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Production ideas for my music magazine
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  1. Production ideas for my music magazine By Justin Gething

  2. Genre / Sub-genre The main genre for my music magazine, is going to be rock. Sub-genres that link in closely, are indie rock and alternative rock. Examples of bands that fall under these genres, are the killers, Linkin Park and Greenday. I am currently using the killers magazine on the right, as a template for my magazine.

  3. Audience My magazine will be mainly targeted at a mixture of males and females that fall between the ages of 16 and 30 years old. My reasons for this, are that I want to ensure that my magazine is going to be relatively current / up to date and to attract the younger audience. I want my magazine to incorporate newer styles of rock. I have decided to aim my magazine at males and females, as I feel it’s unfair to just base it on a set gender. I want everyone to be able to enjoy rock music and to purchase my magazine.

  4. Name of magazine Innovation – This means an idea/method that will be replicated within a good (magazine). In terms of the magazine, this means using current/modern styles of music and forming an attitude towards rock music. Invasion – Taken from the term ‘British invasion’ which means a rush of many rock groups coming into fashion at once. This happened in the 1960s. Amphasis – A made up/original word that is a mixture of the words ‘emphasis’ and ‘amp’. This works perfectly, as amp is a scientific term to do with sound.

  5. Tagline ‘The revolution of rock revival’ I believe this snappy tagline works perfectly. The simplicity of the tagline. There is clear alliteration within, as I ensure each word begins with ‘R’. Rock music is the genre that I am covering. I have used the term revival, as I am attempting to modernise rock music and bring it into the 21st century, by making my magazine modern. Revolution obviously means a complete change and in term of my magazine, it’s to revolutionise rock music and bring it up to date and hopefully encourage people to enjoy and listen to it.

  6. Editoral mission statement My editorial mission statement is to bring rock music back into fashion by modernising it. My reasons for this, is that rock music is slowly dying out and I feel that the younger generation need to enjoy and appreciate rock music. Bands like Linkin Park, The Killers and Red Hot Chili Peppers and just a few classic rock bands that have captivated audiences. This is why I am creating a rock revival magazine, as I feel youngsters of today are all listening to the same styles of music and I want to allow them a wider variety of music. I feel rock music can inspire people, so I want to bring it back into fashion.

  7. Unique selling point My Unique selling point for my magazine will be ‘ buy this magazine monthly to get 20% off. I believe this is a brilliant USP, as it will persuade readers to buy the magazine. This will attract possible buyers and more people will buy the magazine more often and hopefully it will make a reasonable profit. I feel this USP is clever, as it’s benefiting the customer. They get more for their money and can enjoy reading the magazine’s content. This should hopefully persuade more people to read my magazine and should hopefully get more people to enjoy rock music.

  8. Reader profile My typical reader, is a young male in his early 20s. He is fairly educated, earning a reasonable income. He is highly influenced by rock music and has enjoyed it throughout his childhood. He buys an addition of Q magazine monthly, as he enjoys receiving the latest information on his favourite bands like ‘My Chemical Romance’ and ‘Paramore’. He additionally enjoys reading reviews of the bands. He attempts to go to music festivals like ‘Glastonbury’ and the ‘Reading festival’. He admires recent bands that he enjoys listening to in his spare time but he also appreciates the older traditional rock bands like Rolling stones and ACDC. He enjoys to buy CDs now and again but usually downloads music off of his PC onto his mobile phone, to prevent spending his money.

  9. Ideas for front cover I want my music magazine to look modern, by using bright colours and I want the main image model, to be wearing modern clothes. I want the torso to be wearing a leather jacket, like the existing cover as this connotes authority and confidence. I want the name of my magazine, to remain in a fixed location to create consistency. I will include images of other rock bands, to give the readers a variety of different rock bands. I want the model, to be a close-up, as I want it to dominate the page. I will use 3 or 4 main colours, to create colour cohesion. I don’t want too many colours to be on my magazine, as this could ruin it. I will also use a variety of text styles, fonts and sizes, to make my magazine stand out and appeal to the readers.