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Once upon a time In a land far away that has always been our WINDOW ON OUR WORLD,…

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Once upon a time In a land far away that has always been our WINDOW ON OUR WORLD,… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Once upon a time In a land far away that has always been our WINDOW ON OUR WORLD,…. Strategic Objective: Turn This Story into Animated Feature Film. Context:

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Once upon a time In a land far away that has always been our WINDOW ON OUR WORLD,…' - zohar

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Once upon a time

In a land far away

that has always been our


CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein

strategic objective turn this story into animated feature film
Strategic Objective: Turn This Story into Animated Feature Film
  • Context:
    • Client controls intellectual property rights to a story about a Tibetan Monk that is action-filled, politically charged and emotionally draining--in just 90 pages.
  • Client Goal:
    • Get a major studio to produce this story on film.
  • Assessment & Recommendation:
    • Position so that Spielberg Produces for Dreamworks SKG

CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein

good stories make money
Good Stories Make Money!
  • Top 250 Films of All Time Rank Film (Studio)  $ Domestic Total

17 SHREK (DREAMWORK,'01)  $267,665,011

18 DR. SEUSS' HOW THE GRINCH... (UNIV,'00)  $260,044,825

20 MONSTERS, INC. (BV,'01)  $255,873,250

23 TOY STORY 2 (BV,'99)  $245,852,179

46 TOY STORY (BV,'95)  $191,780,865

81 A BUG'S LIFE (BV,'98)  $162,798,565

91 WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT (BV,'88)  $154,112,492

94 SCOOBY-DOO (WB,'02)  $153,294,164

101 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (BV,'91)  $145,863,363

102 LILO & STITCH (BV,'02)  $145,236,053

109 POCAHONTAS (BV,'95)  $141,579,773

121 DINOSAUR (BV,'00)  $137,748,063

125 101 DALMATIANS (BV,'96)  $136,189,294


166 MULAN (BV,'98)  $120,620,254

210 CHICKEN RUN (DREAMWORK,'00)  $106,834,564

235 THE PRINCE OF EGYPT (DREAMWORK,'98)  $101,257,900

242 THE RUGRATS MOVIE (PAR,'98)  $100,494,675

243 JUMANJI (SONY,'95)  $100,458,310

245 CASPER (UNIV,'95)  $100,280,070

246 THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (BV,'96)  $100,138,851

250 HERCULES (BV,'97)  $99,112,101

Source: EDI FilmSourceBox office results in millions of $; ast Updated: 11/7/2002

CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein

this story needs to be told
This Story Needs To Be Told


A semi-autobiographical life and legacy of one Tibetan monk

Profitable Animated Action Movie for all ages

-- commando rescue; murder; mayhem; narrow escapes

Enlightening & Thought-provoking

  • Peace is not guaranteed—individuals do make a difference
  • People choose sides in conflicts for personal reasons
  • Wealth and Security can be lost in a heartbeat
  • Pay it forward --legacy is in the actions of family and friends

***Drop pedophilia content –history of lost sales.***

Prayer Wheels

CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein

aligned with market feasibility factors
Aligned With Market Feasibility Factors
  • Children – action & coming of age
    • Boy grows to manhood in a difficult setting
    • Many adventures along the way
    • Good wins over evil –but sometimes indirectly
    • One “obvious” ending is happy
  • Adults – culture, politics, society
    • Culture—art, architecture, music, nature…
    • Politics/Religion –watch different perspectives form
    • Society –justice and injustice in unexpected places
    • One non-obvious ending is violent, then bittersweet
  • Dramatic Backdrop – arts, culture, geography

CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein

background dreamworks skg
Background: Dreamworks SKG
  • Highly diversified private company with a wide range of overlapping products and market segments.
  • Company policies counter data-gathering by outsiders.
  • Founded in 1994 by 3 partners:
    • Steven Spielberg--successful movie producer
    • Jeffrey Katzenberg –Disney executive responsible for Disney's successful re-entry into movie animation
    • David Geffen--music industry executive with access to the stars
    • Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft owns approximately 18%.
  • First new studio in 65 years; rapidly raised $2.7 billion to rewrite the rules of Hollywood.[1]
  • Relies on partners’ synergism + friendships (George Lucas).

[1]"Face value: How well Mr. Spielberg wears a suit,"

The Economist; London; Aug 1, 1998, p. 58+ in ABI/Inform.

CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein

animation indicators
Animation Indicators

Disney strategy– cartoons are family fare

  • Dreamworks strategy is to offer more!

Animation now a proven success

  • Dreamworks-Lucas connection
  • Innovative and FASTER production pipelines
  • ROI trend: continues to climb
  • Strong licensing & merchandising


  • Lower costs for Better Technology– 3D – Linux
  • Growing #studios moving into animation field—including independents
  • Acceptance and cache for Hollywood stars to provide voices for animated feature films at a lower cost

CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein

animation less costly more dramatic
Animation: Less costly; More Dramatic
  • Break-even or better with licensing & cross marketing
  • Cross-promotions with many save Tibet organizations that are globally active
    • Possible DVD games
  • If new technology is developed, those patents offer competitive edge

Portola Palace

Roof detail

CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein

production visuals 2 examples
Production Visuals: 2 examples

Lake South of Lhasa

Portola Palace

CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein

advantage cross licensing merchandising
Advantage: Cross Licensing/Merchandising
  • Books & films
    • About making of the film
    • About the Context; About the People
  • Video; Interactive DVD
  • Sequels; Series
    • Action/Cartoon series of hero’s fictional adventures
  • Posters; Coloring books; Paint by Numbers; Bead Kits; Patterns
    • children; crafters; designers

Door Handle,

sample for coloring book.

Paint by numbers , and…

CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein

product tie ins
Film - Box Office

North America

Foreign distribution

Europe; Japan



Special Features



Board; Computer; Toys



Novel; Paperback; comics

Picture books


Ancillary Markets

Graphics; Art & Music



Product tie-ins

CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein

align with talent
Align with Talent
  • Approach famous names/voices who support animation with avatars, voices, voice-overs.
  • Approach box office who would value a link between their careers & their other interests
    • Richard Gere already supports Tibet
  • Approach quick & creative writers
    • Richard Matthiessen, Eliot Patison

CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein

how this story will become a film
How This Story Will Become A Film





















Produce/Direct Animate


CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein

release and distribution plan
Release and Distribution Plan
  • Release in Spring or Fall
  • Big Premier with distinguished guests such as the Dalhi Lama
  • World wide distribution plan through subsidiaries
  • VHS/DVD release after 4 months
  • Products ready for Holiday Season

CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein

this film will make money
This Film Will Make Money!

CI 687

Christine De Bow Klein