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Ames Place News

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Ames Place News
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Ames Place News

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  1. Neighbors Enjoying Neighbors! The 4th Annual 6900 Pershing Block Party washeld Saturday, Sept 6th with 24 of 30 houses represented. A good time was had by all!  The new arrivals appreciated the chance to get to know everyone.  The old-timers enjoyed catching up on all their neighbors' activities. …So that was all the noise!!! Ames Place News Oct 2003

  2. News & Business • There will be a weekly volleyball game, weather permitting, Sundays at 4 in the 6900 block of Pershing. All Ames Place residents welcome. Call Mike, 721-3788, for more info. • If you have a concern or question about the Metrolink construction, you may contact their "hotline" at 314-923-3050; phone PR Representative, Jon Soucy at 314-206-4392; or email at • If a tree was removed from the front of your home, call Rich Giesler at 721-1548. He will try & get a replacement for you. • People in cars and on bikes are rushing to beat the gates in Parkview… both adults & children.THIS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS. DO NOT assume that the gates will stop when they hit an object!  Please be careful & warn your children against seeing this as a game! We already have had one injury from this, please let’s not have another! • A block captain is needed for the 6800 block of Pershing. If you are interested, call Carol Roberts at 726-2058. • Plans are underway for the 2003 Ames Place Annual Fall Festival! It will be on Saturday, October 25th (rain date is Sunday, October 26th), beginning at 3:30 p.m. and continuing until the merriment ends! We need volunteers for cooking, serving, set up, break down, and activities! Please, please,pleasecall Kat Robinson at 726-4633 or email her at as soon as possible, if you are willing to help with anything! Also, if you work for a company (or own one) that has donated items in the past AND you would like to offer assistance this time around, please call Kat with your generous offer/donation. Further details will be distributed closer to the event. If you are new to the neighborhood, volunteering is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors. And, for the homeowners with a history, it’s a great way to reconnect. Want to receive your newsletter via e-mail? Know relevant information? Call Kat Robinson (726-4633) or e-mail