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Ames Place News

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Ames Place News

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  1. A Letter from a Neighbor A quick note of thanks to all my Ames Place family for your words of hope, gestures of kindness, and prayers. Without these, my July 6th house fire on Waterman would have had a much bigger impact on both Sam (my black and white Lhasa Apso) and myself. Presently we are both doing fine, though Sam is missing his favored trees and I'm without my quality neighbors. As for the fire... my insurance company completed their investigation and pointed their finger at a 60 year old third floor attic fan. Thanks to the quick response and diligent work of our fire department, the fire was contained to only the third floor.I will be out of the house for a minimum of 8 months, primarily due to the smoke and water damage. I'll be visiting often during the reconstruction. If you see me (the guy with a glass of wine in hand and a cute little dog at his side), please feel free to stop.Very appreciatively yours,John McMurray Ames Place News Susan Goldstein is your new newsletter editor! Share your pictures and news with her at! Have you heard? Corrections to the Ames Place Directory 2004 Please make the following corrections to your directory. In the Alphabetical Listing add: Bragg, Susan     6920 PershingMcMurray, Jon 6802 WatermanCorrect the following names: 6803 Waterman should be Susan & Jonathan Goldstein, not Susan Goldstein and Jonathan Haggerty The Neighborhood Website is Up! Attached you will find information about the Ames Place website. Please review and visit the site at your convenience. This is a great platform to share information and keep abreast of what’s happening in our neighborhood. Thanks to Troy DeArmitt for developing the site and to Terry Entwistle for determining the functionality that was needed to help residents perform needed business quickly. Next time you need a parking sticker, visit the web! August 2004

  2. O U R F O U R T H O F J U L Y C E L E B R A T I O N Who let these men out of the house dressed this way? A patriotic soul! Could this be the future king of NASCAR? Our neighborhood heroes! Such a simple hat! It was a very cool day!

  3. Interesting Facts about Ames Place • Tennessee Williams with his family lived at 6634 Pershing from about 1935 to 1937. • The house at 6965 Pershing is listed on the National Register of Historic Places for the quality of the interior tile work. • Tom Dooley lived at 6940 Pershing from 1927 to 1934. He came to international attention as the result of his efforts to evacuate more than half a million refugees from North Vietnam in 1954. • John Hartford (6940 Waterman) grew up in Ames Place. Later he gained fame as a musician and wrote “Gentle on My Mind” in 1966. Thanks to all the residents that participated in the Ames Place 4th of July Band! Let’s give three cheers for the famous Ames Place Fourth of July Marching Band! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! IT’S TIME TO RENEW OUR INDENTURES! If you are new to Missouri, you may wonder what these are. They are the agreed upon neighborhood covenants that the agents use in managing our business. Missouri requires them to be reviewed, updated and re-authorized every 10 years. Attached you will find a summary of changes. Please review these items. A trustee, volunteer, block captain, or notary will be stopping by your home to get your signature from August 10th -30th.

  4. News & Business • A BIG Thank You to All: Joan Clarkson thanks everyone that helped her with the July 4th Celebration. Once again the event was an absolute success! Smiles were abundant and the food was delicious. Joan wants to especially thank all the neighborhood children and teenagers that pitched in to help set-up, serve, lead activities, and clean up for the event. Without your help, it couldn’t have been done! • Parking Stickers: All homeowners in Ames Place need neighborhood parking stickers to place on their cars.  This will help ensure that your vehicles are not accidentally towed.  Stickers can be obtained from secretary/treasurer,Terry Entwistle. Terry prefers that you use the new Ames Place website to request your stickers. If you need to call her, you can leave a message at 721-1382. You need to include the make, model, year, color, license plate number, license plate state, name andaddress. Please be courteous and give her at least 48 hours to respond. • THE NEWEST NEIGHBOR: Mary and Scott Santen moved into Ames Place in March. Mary spent the first 7 years of her life at 6800 Kingsbury. Scott grew up at 6125 McPherson. On the first Saturday of this past July, they gave birth to our newest resident, Peter! Could we have a better testament as to Ames Place being a great place to live than a family choosing to return to a community to raise their children? I think not. In the next few weeks, take a walk and welcome them into the community if you haven’t already. At the same time, welcome Peter into the world! • Thanks to Jane Petrofsky: Jane planted new greenery in the Kingsbury Blvd. median, making the street and our neighborhood look more beautiful as the plants took root and bloomed. Thanks for doing such great work on such hot days! And a big thanks to Kelly Barr who helped with the purchases and selection of the plants! • Fall Festival: We don’t have a coordinator for this year’s fall festival! To make it easy for someone to take over planning the event, an electronic master file is available that includes all flyers, signs, reminders, newsletter blurbs, grocery and activity lists as well as detailed bullets explaining the how-to’s. This activity could also be coordinated with co-chairs. If interested, please call Terry Entwistle (721-1382). The Fall Festival / Halloween Party is scheduled for Saturday, October 30th. The rain date is Sunday, October 31st. • Trees:  It was your "assessment money" at work on Saturday, July 10th, when a hauling firm was hired to remove tree limbs downed by storms.  University City would not do this job, so the burden fell on us.  U. City continues to pick up curb-side vegetation bundles that meet its criteria, e.g. no limb larger than 3 inches in diameter. • More on Trees:  Ray's Tree Service will remove dead trees from the neighborhood beginning August 23rd.   This took a little longer than expected because of summer storm damage throughout the St. Louis area.   You'll be advised in advance to NOT PARK near trees scheduled for removal. • Speed Bumps on Melville:  You've no doubt noticed two new rows of speed bumps on Melville near Waterman.  These were installed to respond to numerous residents' complaints about vehicles speeding on Melville, endangering kids, etc.  Thanks to Peter Lapins, Mike Jurries and othersfor their work on this. • Do the Neighborhood a Favor:  If trees or shrubs on your property are obscuring STOP signs or other street signage, please trim the vegetation so these signs are visible.  Check it out, please.  Your neighbors will appreciate this. • No Dumping: Don’t dump debris/limbs behind the Ames Place garage on University Drive! • Wildlife Alert: Bunnies are still nesting in our neighborhood. Be careful when mowing your lawn! 2004 Ames Place Agents Larry O’Neill 725-4018; Mike Jurries 727-9917 Call Susan Goldstein or e-mail with information that you want included.