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Ames Place News

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Ames Place News

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  1. Spring is coming! Block Captains for 2004 Thanks to all who have helped in the past and to those who have volunteered for the first time!  Block Captains are responsible for bringing concerns from your block to the attention of the trustees, so issues can be discussed and attended to in a timely fashion.  Block Captains may be asked to deliver flyers and/or newsletters several times a year to their respective block.  It is certainly a great way to get to know people, if you have the time for conversation.  Thanks again to those who have volunteered for 2004! KINGSBURY: 6600 Block (15) Carol Roberts @ 6632 Kingsbury / 726-2058 6800 Block (10) Emily Kelton @ 6800 Kingsbury / 725-1699 6900 Block (15) Mark & Emily Wood @ 6938 Kingsbury / 863-4857 WATERMAN: 6600 Block (24) Peter & Anne Lapins @ 6604 Waterman / 725-2541 6800 Block (18) Working 6900 Block (28) Working PERSHING: 6600 Block (24) John & Patricia Feldman @ 6607 Pershing / 862-3916 6800 Block (20) Anna Shabsin @ 6833 Pershing / 862-0864 6900 Block (30) Dick & Mary Ann Goldberg @ 6924 Pershing / 719-3444 MELVILLE: (20) Nancy Robinson @ 424 Melville / 726-1597 / Ames Place News March 2004

  2. News & Business • Street Signs: In the next few weeks “No Parking" signs will be installed in the alley between Pershing and University Drive, specifically in the 6600 block and part of 6800 block.  • Contractor Leaflets: With spring, we are likely to see an increase in flyers being left by contractors hoping to gain some business. Be careful when choosing a contractor. Ask neighbors if they’ve worked with a certain contractor before. Check more than one reference. • Free Workshop: Interested in learning more about building permits and inspection requirements; home repair/maintenance; landscaping and lawn care; home repair funding programs; the Community Partnership Fund; and/or information about how to be a good neighbor? The University City Residential Service and the Department of Planning and Development will be hosting a workshop on Tuesday, March 30th from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the Heman Park Community Center, 975 Pennsylvania Avenue. Light refreshments will be provided. For more information, call UCRS at 726-0668. • Parking: Only Ames place residents and their guests may park in the Ames Place subdivision. All residents need to display the Ames Place parking sticker in their rear car window. If you do not have a sticker, please contact Terry Entwistle (Ames Place Secretary) at 721-1382. If guests will be staying an extended period of time, the resident should inform the Trustees of the car in question. All attempts need to be made to respect the parking areas in front of our neighbors’ homes/lots. Residents shall inform guests, service workers, etc. of the importance of parking in front of the home/lot being visited, unless unusual circumstances dictate otherwise. Be courteous to your neighbors! • Streets: The week of March 22nd marks the first leaf pickup of spring. Help keep our neighborhood clean and beautiful! Leaves, left over time in the gutters, will start to deteriorate our streets faster. This will become a big expense down the road. Everyone, let’s do our part to help out! • Unwanted Solicitation: Therehave beenseveral instances of residents being approached at their homes by non-residents looking to do odd jobs. When told no, they come right out and ask for money “for the bus or because their car has just run out of gas”, etc. Both residents gave them the money outright, but felt they had been duped. If you are approached, politely send them on their way then call the police. They may be casing the neighborhood or just looking for an easy way to make a few extra bucks. In any case, they don’t belong here. We need to let them know that we are watching out for each other and our neighborhood. Also, inform a trustee and/or block captain of this or any other unusual happenings. If we keep each other informed, we won’t be caught off guard in these situations. • Website: We are still anticipating getting the website up sometime this spring. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see included on the website, please e-mail me (Kat) at I’ll forward your suggestions to the appropriate persons. • July 4th Celebration: Can you believe that it’s already mid-March? July will be here in a flash! Joan Clarkson is beginning to plan for the neighborhood celebration. If you have any suggestions, please give her a call at 862-0747. We would love to see more kids in the Ames Place 4th of July Band. Tune up your instruments and join us! If you are interested, call Ron Krone at 862-2517. 2004 Ames Place Agents Larry O’Neill 725-4018; Rich Geisler 721-1548; Mike Jurries 727-9917 Call Kat Robinson (726-4633) or e-mail with information that you want included.