good afternoon n.
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Good Afternoon

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Good Afternoon. Please pick up “Britain’s New Policy for Colonial America” outline Update Table of Contents (Unit Two) Write down Homework. APUSH. Britain’s New Policy for Colonial America. Mercantilism. Navigation Laws (1650s).

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good afternoon
Good Afternoon
  • Please pick up “Britain’s New Policy for Colonial America” outline
  • Update Table of Contents (Unit Two)
  • Write down Homework
colonists view in 1763
Colonists View in 1763
  • F & I War had been fought to eliminate the French impediment to westward expansion
  • New colonial leadership had emerged as a result of the F & I War
  • Colonists strongly believed in their rights as Englishmen
  • Colonists believed they were the major reason for victory in the F & I War
british view in 1763
British View in 1763
  • Colonists had given little aid during War
  • PA and NE had openly traded with the enemy during the War
  • Ineffective administration both in customs collections and in other laws
  • The feeling that the colonists had been too long indulged
  • Colonists out of step with mercantile philosophy
good afternoon1
Good Afternoon
  • Please put your FRQ in the bin located on the counter (make sure you put it in the correct class)
  • Take out your Britain’s New Policy for Colonial America outline
  • Get the American Pageant Textbook
in class activity
In Class Activity…
  • Explain the Definition, Cause, Change, Impact, Who’s Angry and Resistance of the British act (teacher will assign act)
  • Develop an illustration, cartoon, pictures, etc… that will help explain your act
  • Use the reading “Imperial Wars and Colonial Resistance” AND Chapter Seven in American Pageant (p.126-144)
good afternoon2
Good Afternoon

Please make sure you

review for your Unit Two Vocabulary Quiz

it s too late to apologize
It's Too Late to Apologize


By the rude bridge that arched the flood,

Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,

Here once the embattled farmers stood,

And fired the shot heard round the world