good afternoon n.
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Good Afternoon!!!!

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Good Afternoon!!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Good Afternoon!!!!. NVC New Inventions Change Society Invention Advertisement Essential Question : What were the effects of new inventions on the Industrial Revolution? Homework : Textile Factory Prompt due Monday. New Inventions of the Industrial Age. New inventions transform society

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Good Afternoon!!!!

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good afternoon
Good Afternoon!!!!
  • NVC
  • New Inventions Change Society
  • Invention Advertisement

Essential Question: What were the effects of new inventions on the Industrial Revolution?

Homework: Textile Factory Prompt due Monday

new inventions of the industrial age
New Inventions of the Industrial Age
  • New inventions transform society
    • Entrepreneur: person that manages and takes on risks of starting a new business
    • “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” – DonaldTrumpon Entrepreneurship
the power loom
The Power Loom(!)
  • Automatically weaves huge amounts of cloth
    • Even faster than the Spinning Mule
    • Even more dangerous
the cotton gin
The Cotton Gin(!!)
  • Invented by Eli Whitney
  • Automatically cleans seeds from cotton
    • Faster than 50 men working by hand
    • Caused cotton to become main material used for textiles (cloth)
    • Increased slavery in U.S. because cotton so profitable
the telegraph
The Telegraph(!!!)
  • Allowed people to communicate quickly and easily over long distances
    • Messages went from taking months to minutes!
  • Used to communicate warnings, news, and business deals
the light bulb
The Light Bulb(!!!!)
  • Invented by Thomas Edison
  • Used electricity to create safe bright light
  • Used in factories so work can be done 24 hours a day
  • Used in streetlights to make streets safer
the steam engine
The Steam Engine(!!!!!)
  • Invented by James Watts
  • Used coal to create steam that powers machines
  • Factories can now move away from rivers (used to use water power)
  • Used to run locomotives, steamships, factory machines, etc
the locomotive aka train
The Locomotive ( aka Train!!!!!!)
  • Used steam power to transport goods, food, and people
    • Go long distances very fast and very cheap!
    • People can take vacations, eat fresh food, etc
    • Easy to travel across country = connects people together
the steamship
The Steamship(!!!!!!!)
  • Uses steam power to move a boat without wind
    • Can move faster, farther, and safer across oceans
    • Increases trade and travel!
advertisement choose an invention
Advertisement: Choose an Invention!
  • Power Loom
  • Telegraph
  • Steam Engine
  • Steam Ship
  • Cotton Gin
  • Light bulb
  • Locomotive
  • You must explain how your invention will make life better for the person who buys it.
  • You must list AT LEAST 3 different reasons your invention is good.
  • You must include a picture AND A SLOGAN!
  • You must mention some of the problems or some of the dangers of your product