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Cold War

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Cold War. By: Navvy Kaur . How Did It All Start?. Theory #1. Theory #2.

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cold war

Cold War

By: Navvy Kaur


How Did It All Start?

Theory #1

Theory #2

During World War 2, the Soviets wanted America to open a second European front earlier in the war. America didn’t open a second front, which caused 18 million Russians to die. United States secretly developed a Atomic bomb. To get back at the U.S the Soviet spies stole the plan and began to make their own Atomic Bomb.

The Cold war was a war of ideas and beliefs. There are two theories, that say how or what the main causes of the war was.

The United States and the U.S.S.R. couldn’t agree on how the new Europe would like. To whether it would be Communism or Democracy. The disagreement of the Soviets and United States was led to the Cold War.

cuban missile crisis
Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis is when the Soviets became allies with Cuba and then used Cuba to set up an attack on the U.S. The Soviets had their missiles all around Cuba pointing towards the U.S. (only 90 miles away from U.S.)

end results
End Results…

Consequence #1

Consequence #2

Another consequence was that the remaining countries had to decide what side to take. The U.S or the Soviets.

First things first since there was already an Atomic Bomb that was ready to blow up the world, the world lived in fear of the nuclear attack for fifty years.

what is n a t o
What is N.A.T.O.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The alliance among many nations to ensure safety against Communist threats.

what is warsaw pact
What is Warsaw Pact?

Warsaw Pact is the “group” that was created among nations to be protected from Democrats threats. Created in 1955.


North Vietnam wanted to invade South Vietnam in 1955, America helps out by sending its forces to South Vietnam and in 1975 America withdraws due to variety of reasons.



North Korea began to invade South Korea crossing the 38th parallel. No atomic weapons were used but U.S soldiers still guard the 38th parallel today.



When America helped out South Vietnam they were attacked by the Soviets. So when the Soviets were invading Afghanistan, America decided to give the Afghanis weapons to fight back against the Soviets.



Duck and cover is what kids were taught by adults to do. They had to duck and cover if the nuclear bomb was to explode and by simply hiding they wouldn’t die.. When actually everyone would be dead.