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  1. Welcome • This presentation has been developed to assist you when communicating with your market. • We recommend you edit the doc to suit your market…. • Here is a link to instructions to help you Tailoring your presentation

  2. Butler™ Building Systems

  3. Your Butler™ Builder - (ABC Construction) • (ABC Construction is a full-service commercial contractor) • (Your local Butler Builder ™, in business since 19XX) • (Offering turnkey design/build construction services) • (Specializing in church, retail, and industrial applications) • (Etc.)

  4. Butler™ Background

  5. The Butler™ Brand • Butler Manufacturing is a building-solutions company founded in 1901 providing the design, manufacture, and marketing of metal building systems for commercial construction. • The methodology of the customised buildings using the state of the art software, manufacture of pre-punched structural members and unique roofing system is marketed under the BUTLER™ brand globally • Installation of the buildings primarily by a network of specialist Butler Builder ™.

  6. Butler™ Brand - History • 1901 - Butler Manufacturing founded specialising in tanks • 1909 – First Butler Building constructed • 1910 – first Butler Building sold • 1938 – Butler enters the grain bin market manufacturing 14500 bins in 59 days. • 1939 – construction of PEB for rural market • 1940 – Butler creates an extensive line of rigid frames • War years – design of fast install demountable military buildings • Post war years – opening of the Butler Research Centre • 1970 – Double Lock seam and expansion joints introduced • 1990 – Butler Brand goes global • 2004 – BlueScope Steel acquires Butler Manufacturing • 2010 – introduced in the Australian market!

  7. Trusted Manufacturer • BlueScope Buildings is the largest provider of Pre-engineered Buildings globally • The Butler™ brand has a long history of building product innovation • BlueScope Steel is an international flat-steel solutions provider • Committed to workplace safety and environmental responsibility

  8. Researched to Perform

  9. The Butler™ Hot Box • A test for real world insulation for accurate results • Extreme temperature difference between internal and external • Over an 8-12 hour period 300 sensors measure the; • Temperature • Humidity • Airflow • Energy consumption • Your Butler™ Builder can provide accurate estimates of your buildings heating and cooling energy consumption

  10. Butler™ Building Benefits

  11. A Butler™ building ideal for your next project • Offers a unique combination of affordability, versatility, and durability • Ideal for any size and desired functionality • The end to end control of manufacture to construction means faster construction and lower costs • Lower maintenance costs

  12. Design-Build Method • Eliminates multiple parties to streamline construction and save time and money

  13. Lower Building Costs • Use of standardised designs and details when possible reduces engineering costs

  14. Design Functionality • Fewer internal columns means large, uninterrupted interiors and usable space. • Generous bay spacing • Interior walls can easily be moved to suit your changing needs • Buildings can accommodate future expansion

  15. The Beauty of a Butler™ Building • Create the beautiful and unique facility that conveys the image you desire • Customised to achieve both function and form • Our standard exterior of durable and cost effective steel cladding. Other options include • Wood • Brick • Stone • glass facade

  16. COLORBOND® steel • Butler™ Building uses the industry leading roofing product COLORBOND steel • Lightweight strength • Demonstrated durability • Designed for Australian conditions • Warranties backed by BlueScope Steel

  17. Precision Engineering • Structural, roof, and wall systems are designed by experienced Butler™ engineers

  18. Precision Engineering • Exclusive factory punching of structurals allows for precise assembly in the field

  19. Faster Construction • Eliminating the need for on-site modifications allows for faster construction times • Proven to reduce construction time up to 30% over conventional construction

  20. Your Butler™ Builder

  21. Authorised Butler Builder™ • Butler Builders™ are a select group of industry professionals that have been assessed and trained by BlueScope Buildings. • Requirements are; • Industry experience • Project management skills • Quality workmanship • Safe work practices

  22. Butler™ Primary Structure

  23. PEB CONVENTIONAL LONG FLAT Butler™ Frame Strength • Tapered beams and columns offered • Lighter structure - using steel only where required

  24. Structural Bolting Options • Bolting options include top and vertical bolting • Allows staging the primary structural and bracing to suit the site requirements. Vertical bolted - option Top bolted - standard

  25. Butler™ Secondary Structural

  26. Butler™ Structural System • Basis of the strength and design freedom are the structural options available. • Individually designed for your project • Manufactured by BlueScope Buildings

  27. Standard Purlin System Using our standard galvanised purlin system you can design a building with; • Bays up to 12m • Large area of uninterrupted space • Minimal or no interior columns to optimise cost and function • Ability to extend and expand in the future. Commonly used for - Retail, offices, manufacturing facilities

  28. Truss Purlin System If large bays and extra long spanning ability is required our open web truss purlin option can achieve • Spans greater than 30m and bays up to 18m • Rod and bracing in roofing and walls to reinforce the system  strength • Increased design flexibility • A choice of walling options to suit your aesthetic needs. Commonly used for Warehouses, manufacturing, aircraft hangars

  29. Butler™ Roofing System

  30. The MR-24® standing-seam roof system • Save up to 90% in roof maintenance costs, preventing unforeseen repair expenses

  31. The MR-24® standing-seam roof system • Installing the industry’s #1 standing-seam roof system assures proven long-term performance with low maintenance MR 24® features the same rolled seam technology that’s used to seal beverage cans eliminating leaks significantly reduces operating costs

  32. Reduced wear and tear • Moveable roof clip allows for expansion and contraction under temperature swings • Patented self-aligning clip utilizing stainless steel connectors • Substantially stronger than competitive connectors • Provides superior protection against corrosion

  33. Butler™ Insulation Solutions

  34. 150mm-225mm Insulation up to 150mm Insulation up to 150mm Insulation Effective Insulation • Butler™ Buildings allows insulation solutions to suit the requirements cost effectively to achieve higher the R value • Combination of the different size clips and spacers • Skywebfall protection system with the white finish • No need to use roof rack systems

  35. Butler™ Warranties

  36. Your Long Term Confidence • Your Butler™ Building is fully certified and a weathertightness warranty available for up to 25 years* *Conditions apply

  37. Green Approach

  38. Green Star™ Credit Points BlueScope Buildings is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia and sponsor of GREEN STAR™ A Butler™ Building can achieve credit points; • Steel products • Waste Management • Ventilation • Daylight • Thermal Comfort • Landscape Irrigation • Fire System Water • Dematerialisation

  39. Energy Efficiency COLORBOND® steel & Thermatech® technology • Unique technology incorporated in the coating that improved the thermal performance of your building. • By reflecting more of the sun’s heat, Thermatech® helps reduce a building’s energy load. • A wide choice of thermally efficient roofing colours at no added cost.

  40. Energy Efficiency COLORBOND® COOLMAX® steel • The latest innovation for the ultimate in thermal performance. • Whitehaven® could help reduce the annual cooling energy costs of your building by up to 7.5%1 compared to COLORBOND® steel in Surfmist®. 1.COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel in Whitehaven® has a 9% higher solar reflectance than COLORBOND® steel in Surfmist®. Based on independent roof studies of the solar reflectance of roofing contained in a report by the US Environmental Protection Agency

  41. A Butler™ Building for every application

  42. Retail Facilities • Create the ideal image to draw in your customers. • Choose from a range of exterior finishes exterior • Interior layouts allow for flexible foorplan for stock

  43. Recreation Facility • A Butler can cost effectively create the specialist facilities for recreation • Fewer internal columns and generous bay sizes allows ideal for open spaces

  44. Warehouse and Distribution • Massive spaces for warehousing • Watertight for greater security • Energy efficient with lower maintenance costs

  45. Community Buildings • Cost effective construction that maximises functionality • Maximise the use of the building through the best use of space • Designed and constructed to meet your brief

  46. Aircraft Hangars • Capable of huge space to house huge wing spans • Protect your assets with a watertight construction • Construction is fast and cost effective • Minimise your ongoing maintenance costs

  47. Industrial Facilities • Protect your manufacturing equipment with the state of the art facility • Huge uninterrupted spaces • Cost effective design and construction

  48. Office Buildings • Create a comfortable and productive environment • A choice of exteriors to represent your company • Flexible layout to accommodate expansion and growth