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Welcome. Unit 11 What time do you go to school?. 制作:朱明成 执教:杨永平. Do you know the time?. Leading-in. Presentation. -- What time is it ?. --It ’ s six ( o ’ clock .). It’s twelve (o’clock). What time is it ?. ?. Read al ou d these time. four o’clock. ∨. five o’clock. 4:00 5:00

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  1. Welcome

  2. Unit 11 What time do you go to school? 制作:朱明成 执教:杨永平

  3. Do you know the time? Leading-in

  4. Presentation --What time is it? --It’ssix (o’clock.) . It’s twelve (o’clock)

  5. What time is it ? ?

  6. Read aloudthesetime four o’clock ∨ five o’clock • 4:00 • 5:00 • 7:00 • 7:05 • 7:08 • 7:15 • 7:16 • 9:30 seven o’clock seven 0 five ∨ seven 0 eight ∨ seven fifteen seven sixteen nine thirty ∨

  7. I usually go to bed at 9:30. What do you usually do at 9:30? I usually take a shower a t 9:15. What do you usually do at 9:15 ?

  8. Look at the pictures and talk about the verbs 2 get up 4 1 eat breakfast go to school 3 run 7 5 go to bed 6 have lessons go home

  9. --What time do you usuallyget up? --I usually get up seven o’clock. at 6:30 What time do you usually ?

  10. Look at the table then make sentences “ I …at six,What time do you usually …? ”with you partener. 6:00 6:05 6:30 7:00 9:18 9:30

  11. What time does Wang Hai usually …? He usually gets up at 6:30. He usually eats breakfast at 7:00 He usually begins lessons at 8:00 He usually goes to bed at 9:00 He usually goes home at 5:30 He usually has lunch at 12:00

  12. 6:oo 7:05 12:15 9:30 … 6:o6 7:12 12:00 9:20 Make a survey

  13. Pairwork One student is Rick. The other is the interviewer. Ask and answer questions about Rick’s day.

  14. Tapescript Interviewer: What time do you usually get up, Rick? Rick: Um, I usually get up at five o’clock. Interviewer: Five o’clock. Wow! And what time do you run? Rick: Um. At six o’clock. Interviewer: Hmm. And breakfast?

  15. Rick: Seven o’clock. Interviewer: What time do you usually shower? Rick: Uh, eight o’clock. Interviewer: What time do you usually go to school? Rick: I usually go to school at nine o’clock.

  16. Writing Suppose you have a pen pal in the USA. Write something about your day to him/her.

  17. Summary sentences words: get up brush teeth have breakfast go to school 起床—— 刷牙 吃早餐—— 上学—— A:What time do you usually ? B: I usuallyat six o’clock . 上课 回家 洗澡 睡觉 have lessons go home take a shower go to bed A:What time does he usually ? B:She usually(…s) at 8:30. He They I _____up… get She _____ lunch… has we Lily Lily and Lucy

  18. Thank you

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