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Magazines Analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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Magazines Analysis

Magazines Analysis

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Magazines Analysis

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  1. Magazines Analysis

  2. Front Cover Analysis

  3. Smashing Title to pull in the customer Small Picture for a little taster of what you can find inside Barcode with price and also the date of when the magazine came out The bands name to pull in the reader Colour to emphasize the back ground

  4. Breaking news written in red and back grounded in yellow to show how important the news is for the person not only to see as a passer bye but also to be read inside Smaller photos to give a taster as To what's inside Name of the main band for what the most of the magazine is about Telling the buyer that they could win Something when they buy the magazine which anchors them in Barcode with date and the price of the magazine Good colours to show off the background and the main title and also from this it makes the magazine more eye catching for the customer

  5. Red and Black with a white background to show how important the writing Is for the reader Extra information to show the reader the buyer what the magazine will consist of Barcode with date and the price of the magazine Attractive picture for males to see and be interested in and lures them in

  6. Context Page Analysis

  7. Main Picture Telling you showing you what is mainly going to happen in the magazine Main news for page by page information telling the reader or the customers in the shop Letting you know in the shop whether or not it is telling you about your specific band so you can thing positively if the magazine is perfect for you This part of the page is telling what will happen monthly so you can see the one with some band your interested in and that way you can see the month to save some disposable for it Extra Information on reviews or even giving you a taster on what the next issue is about

  8. Large picture to show what most of the magazine is about Little parts of information for readers to see and ask questions and want to read more which is the initial point in scattering bits around the page

  9. Information on a certain band to show the buyer what they could like and if they do things that they may of never known and even information when you could find your band at a concert. Examples of what you can find inside to give you a bigger reason to buy it Big picture so that the reader has more of a reason for buying it and also to show the main focus in this magazine.