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  1. CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER • Ian’s got financial problems because _____ too much money recently. a) he’s been spending b) he’s been spent c) he was spending 2. I sent her an email but she _____. a) wasn’t replying b) didn’t reply c) didn’t replied 3. I’ve asked you several times but you _____ me an answer. a) haven’t still given b) haven’t given still c) still haven’t given 4. What _____ in the summer holidays? a) you’re going to do b) are you going do c) are you going to do

  2. 5. I understand your opinion but _____ with you. a) I don’t agree b) I’m not agreeing c) I’m not agree 6. I knew Andy _____ in another country but I didn’t know which. a) has lived b) had lived c) had living 7. I _____ soap operas but I think they’re rubbish now. a) was enjoying c) used to enjoy c) enjoyed 8. I can see that you’re busy now - _____ back later. a) am I going to come b) shall I come c) will I come 9. When _____ this problem for the first time? a) did you notice b) were you noticing c) did you noticed 10. My parents _____ in the same house since they got married. a) lived b) are living c) have lived

  3. 11. Jack’s not here today. _____ in a different office. a) He’s working b) He works c) He working 12. It hasn’t stopped raining _____ so I’m not going out now. a) still b) yet c) already 13. He’s very popular and I think _____ the next President. a) he becomes b) he’s becoming c) he will become 14. What time __________ be at the airport for check-in? a) do we ought to b) do we have to c) should we to 15. It was a sunny day and people _____ on the grass in the park. a) were sitting b) sat c) were sit 16. I’ve had this car _____. a) since three years b) for three years c) three years ago

  4. 17. What time _____ tomorrow? a) is landing their plane b) does their plane land c) their plane lands 18. I’m not hungry at the moment because _____. a) I just have eaten b) I’ve just eaten c) I’ve eaten just 19. This _____ an industrial area but there aren’t any factories here now. a) used to be b) was used to be c) was using to be 20. Helena _____ work before 7 pm every day. a) isn’t usually finishing b) doesn’t usually finishes c) doesn’t usually finish 21. _____ to Yolanda about three weeks ago. a) I last spoke b) I’ve last spoken c) I’ve spoken last

  5. 22. I knew the story because _____ about it in the newspaper earlier that day. a) I’ve read b) I had read c) I had been read 23. _____ on holiday this summer? a) Do you go b) You’re going c) Are you going 24. When I arrived at the theatre, people _____ outside. a) were queued b) queued c) were queuing 25. It’s only 10 o’clock and _____ lots of work! a) we’ve done yet b) we’ve already done c) we’ve done still 26. You _____ decide now, you can think about it and tell me later. a) mustn’t b) don’t have to c) don’t need 27. She looks very young - she _____ more than 20 years old. a) couldn’t b) can’t be c) mustn’t be

  6. 28. Jane _____ stories since she was a very small child. a) has been writing b) is writing c) was writing 29. In this game, each player _____ with 15 cards. a) does start b) is starting c) starts 30. That’s a lovely dress. It _____ a lot. a) can have cost b) must have cost c) could had cost