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Choose The Correct Bike Rack

Taking Your Bike Along For The Ride

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Choose The Correct Bike Rack

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  1. Choose The Correct Bike Rack An SUV is a great vehicle to use when taking an outdoor adventure. It is a great way to travel with your family, all your luggage and outdoor gear without having to worry about limited space. If you and your family love cycling, you would want to take your bikes along for the trip and a bike rack for your SUV is just what you need. Racks Suitable For SUV's Look at the different features of your SUV and make sure the rack fits the bill. There are many different bike racks available, but it is important that you choose your bike rack according to your SUV. If you are not sure about which rack to choose, visit your local cycling store and ask them for help. Racks Suitable For SUV's When you look for a bike rack for your SUV, try choosing a versatile one so that you can not only transport your bikes, but other outdoor adventure gear as well. This rack will offer you just that. Foor racks might be a little "uncomfortable" as you have to lift the bikes overhead when mounting them. And with an SUV, that might be a problem. Also, with the this roof rack and being mounted on an SUV, it might pose a problem with certain height restrictions while on your adventures.

  2. Strap-on Trunk Rack They can only carry 1 or 2 bikes at a time and can fit on more than one car in the family. When mounted on an SUV, accessing the rear door will be problematic. These are better for a hatchback or sedan, but are very easy to mount or install and are very light weight. Hitch Mount Racks Because they are mounted in the rear, our bikes will be out of the wind while driving, improving the aerodynamics of the car. If your vehicle does not have a spare tire mounted in the rear, this rack will be a great fit. These racks might not be a great option for transporting other outdoor gear, but are great for transporting 2 to 5 bikes at a time. There are also quite a few solutions to gain comfortable access to the rear door of your SUV. Spare Tire Racks When you want to mount your bike rack at the rear of your vehicle with a rear door, you can use the spare tire rack as it will not pose a problem when trying to access the door. These rack cannot carry more than 2 bikes at a time and are very easy to install and very lightweight. In the end, your choice of bike rack will depend on the design of your vehicle, how often you want to transport your bikes and how many bikes at a time you want to mount. Take your time when choosing a bike rack. Read reviews online and ask the professionals at your local cycling store. They will help you choose the correct rack and will make sure you are satisfied.

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