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Choose the Correct Packing Tape PowerPoint Presentation
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Choose the Correct Packing Tape

Choose the Correct Packing Tape

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Choose the Correct Packing Tape

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  1. How to Choose the Correct Packing Tape?

  2. It is believed that success always comes to the perfectionist. If you are in the industry of packaging then packing tape would play an integral role in your business. This tape will help you to wrap, seal and bundle the items together. This tape will help you with packaging, shipment and even handling. These days, you will find a good variety of such tapes available in the market. All of them differ in the kind of width, thickness, material and even strength. There are various packaging Materials And Tapes Manufacturer in Delhi. So, when you have so many options, how can you choose the right one?

  3. Plastic Vs Paper: When you are in the process of deciding tape for your business, the first question that would come in your mind is: Plastic or Paper? Plastic one is known as Poly- pro Plastic tape. This tape is easy to apply as it doesn't need water for its application, unlike the paper tape. However, plastic tape can get affected by temperature changes while its counterpart, paper tape remains unaffected by temperature changes.

  4. The plastic one can be used in a variety of boxes whereas the paper ones is used for sustainable packaging. The plastic one is easily available, less expensive and is more versatile as compared to the paper ones. They can be used in a variety of industries however, the paper one has a restricted usage on cardboard, paper, envelopes etc.The plastic tape can be fragile and can be peeled off easily, however, the paper dispensing machine can be expensive.

  5. Conclusion: Thus, these are some of the factors that will help you decide on the kind of packaging tape options. The most basic of this choice is deciding between paper and plastic. So, if you are seeking convenience as well as an inexpensive option then plastic tape would work for you.However, if you are looking for sustainable, long term option then the paper packaging tape will be ideal for you.Buy Industrial tapes from Sarthak Enterprises - the Packaging Materials and Tapes Manufacturer in Delhi NCR. 

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