Forecasting the weather
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Forecasting the Weather. Weather. Weather: The daily conditions of a particular area: temp, rain, pressure, wind, etc. Climate: the measure of weather over a very long period of time—at least 100 years Meteorology- the science of studying weather. 2. What is a weather forecast?.

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Forecasting the weather


  • Weather: The daily conditions of a particular area: temp, rain, pressure, wind, etc.

  • Climate: the measure of weather over a very long period of time—at least 100 years

  • Meteorology- the science of studying weather


What is a weather forecast
What is a weather forecast?

  • Forecast: A prediction of weather over the next 5-10 days.

What is a meteorologist
What is a meteorologist?

  • Meteorologist: A person who observes the atmosphere, collects data, and makes predictions—forecasts—based on the data.

  • Meteorologist = weather person

  • You know them as weathermen and weatherwomen.

What do meteorologists measure
What do meteorologists measure?

  • Air pressure

  • Humidity

  • Precipitation

  • Temperature

  • Wind speed

  • Wind direction

Weather balloons pictures courtesy of http www srh noaa gov epz kids balloon shtml
Weather balloonsPictures courtesy of

Forecasting the weather

Weather Instruments


Doppler Radar



Weather Satellite

Wind Sock


Weather balloons
Weather Balloons

  • Weather balloons: Carry equipment as high as 30 km above the Earth’s surface

  • Measure temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, wind speed, & direction


  • Thermometer: Used to measure:

    • air temperature


  • Barometer: Used to measure air pressure


An instrument used for measuring the water vapor content of the atmosphere; a type of hygrometer.


  • Used to measure wind speed

Wind sock
Wind Sock

  • Used to measure wind direction

Wind vane weather vane
Wind Vane/Weather Vane

  • Used to measure wind direction


  • Used to find location, movement, kind & amount of precipitation

Weather satellite
Weather Satellite

  • Orbit the Earth & send information back to Earth; used to track storms, wind speed, humidity, & temperature @ different altitudes

Collecting analyzing weather data
Collecting & Analyzing Weather Data

  • 2 groups who gather information:

    • National Weather Service (NWS)

    • NOAA (National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration)

Forecasting the weather

  • Produce maps based on information gathered from over 1,000 weather stations nationwide

Station model
Station Model

  • A small circle that shows the location of a weather station

  • Surrounding the small circle is a set of symbols & numbers that represent weather data

Weather map symbols
Weather Map Symbols

High Pressure

Clear Weather

Cold Front

Warm Front

Low Pressure

Cloudy Weather

Occluded Front


Show equal

Lines of


Stationary Front


Cold front
Cold Front

  • Represented by triangles on a line

Warm front
Warm Front

  • Represented by half-circles on a line:

High pressure
High Pressure

  • Usually brings clear, sunny weather

Low pressure
Low Pressure

  • Bring rainy weather


  • Lines that connect points of equal pressure on a weather map

Forecasting the weather

ISOBARS- Certain weather maps allow us to view High and Low pressure systems that control the weather. An isobar is a line connecting locations of equal barometric pressure. Isobar maps show where pressures are relatively high and low, and show us where pressure changes are gradual or dramatic over a distance.


Forecasting the weather

30 pressure systems that control the weather.