the earth s atmosphere n.
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The Earth ’ s Atmosphere PowerPoint Presentation
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The Earth ’ s Atmosphere

The Earth ’ s Atmosphere

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The Earth ’ s Atmosphere

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  1. The Earth’s Atmosphere re-teaching assignment

  2. The Earth is surrounded by a “blanket” of air called the atmosphere.

  3. The Earth’s Atmosphere is a mixture of gases:

  4. What are some natural events that afffect the earth’s atmosphere? Forest fires Volcanic ash

  5. What keeps the atmosphere so close to the earth??? GRAVITY!

  6. Although it seems thin, the atmosphere is ~500 miles thick!

  7. Even the International Space Station flies within the Earth’s atmosphere!

  8. The atmosphere has five basic layers.


  10. Temperatures in the Atmosphere Why does the graph zigzag back and forth?

  11. We live in the lowest layer, the troposphere.

  12. Most of Earth’s weather takes place in the troposphere.

  13. About ten miles up is the Tropo-pause, where the troposphere ends. Most jet planes can fly close to or just above the tropopause.

  14. Between each atmospheric layer, we have a “pause” or break. These are arbitrary lines- and not real breaks.

  15. After the troposphere comes the stratosphere.

  16. High winds in the statosphere are called the Jet Stream.

  17. The Ozone layer (O3) can be found in the stratosphere. It protects us from harmful UV radiation from the sun.

  18. Weather Balloons explore the stratosphere.

  19. In the Stratosphere… spy planes!

  20. Believe it or not, 99% of all the gases that surround the earth are found in the first two layers we’ve seen so far.

  21. Mesosphere is the layer In the Middle!

  22. Mesosphere- where the meteors burn.

  23. Millions of meteors burn up in our atmosphere each year. If they hit the ground, they are called a meteorite. Perseid Meteor Shower

  24. If it weren’t for the atmosphere… (Barringer Crater) in Arizona, some 38 miles east of Flagstaff,

  25. Meteor Impact in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. This possibly killed off the dinosaurs.

  26. Smaller impacts do occur but are rare. Peru, South America Peeksgill, New York


  28. Ionosphere- Where solar particles are ionized in the upper atmosphere.

  29. Ionosphere reflects radio waves

  30. The Aurora- Borealis (N)/Austrialis (S)

  31. The Exosphere is the outermost layer. After that the area we call “outer space” begins.

  32. Temperatures in the Exosphere

  33. Things found in the Exosphere.

  34. Satellites orbit Earth in the exosphere.

  35. If it weren’t for the atmosphere, our earth would look like…

  36. The moon, with thousands of impact craters.

  37. Because the moon has less gravity and much higher temperatures than the earth, its gases get “excited” or very energetic, and are lost to space.

  38. What is Air Pressure? Air pressure is the weight of the atmosphere pressing down on an area of the earth.

  39. Pressure changes with altitude – the higher altitude, the lower the air pressure. htt://

  40. Credit:Mr. Fontaine, Mercer Middle School