World War I
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World War I. AKA: The Great War!. Essential Question:. Discuss the domestic, political & international impact that World War I had on the U.S. . Causes of WWI:. Imperialism Nationalism Militarism Rivalry Entangling Alliances. Terms & People 1 st Set. Imperialism Rivalry Alliance

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World war i

World War I

AKA: The Great War!

Essential Question:

Discuss the domestic, political & international

impact that World War I had on the U.S.

Causes of WWI:





Entangling Alliances

World war i

Terms & People

1st Set







Woodrow Wilson

Otto Von Bismarck

Franz Ferdinand


World war i

War Begins!

  • The Balkans… the Powder Keg of Europe!

  • Ottoman Empire leaving, Austro-Hungarian Empire taking over!

    • Independence for Balkan Ethnic Groups? NO!!!!!

    • Anger…. Militant Groups Form…. Violence Ensues

Archduke Franz Ferdinand

  • Heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary

  • Travelling to Sarajevo to “showcase the power of the empire”



- Serbian Militant (The Black Hand)

Austro-Hungarian Reactions??

World war i

Terms & People

2nd Set


Schlieffen Plan


No Mans Land

Trench Warfare

1St Battle of Marne


Battle of the Somme

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Manfred von Richthofen

Edward Rickenbacker

World war i

Entangling Alliances

  • Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia

    • Russia announced support for Serbia

  • Germany declared war on Russia & France (allies)

  • Great Britain = not sure what to do… then:

    • Germany invaded Belgium (quick route to Paris)

    • Great Britain promised to protect Belgian neutrality

  • Great Britain declared war on Germany

  • United States = Neutral… sort of… for now…

World war i

Opposing Plans

Germans = Schlieffen Plan

How do you win a 2 front war?

- Defeat 1st enemy as fast as possible, then fight the other!

- Germans plan to defeat France, then turn to fight Russia

World war i

French Plan?

Defend along fortified border

Counter attack deep into Germany

The Early Phase of War

  • Germany attacked Belgium (Great Britain declared war on Germany)

    • Belgians put up a heck of a fight! (Liege)

  • Schlieffen plan is changed!!!

  • France defends itself just outside of Paris

    • 1st Battle of the Marne

  • Stalemate follows

    • Battle of the Somme

    • Battle of Verdun

      • Trench Warfare

Technology in World War I

- Page 632 of your text

Trench warfare
Trench Warfare

German trenches near the Somme River (Photo Credit: Michael St. MaurSheil)

Trench warfare1
Trench Warfare

German Command Bunker: Leading up to the Battle of the Somme (Photo Credit: M.St. M.S.)

Trench warfare2
Trench Warfare

British man a machine gun at the Battle of the Somme (Photo Credit: Hulton-Deutsch Collection)

Trench warfare3
Trench Warfare

World War I Trench at Vimy: In April 1917, Canadian forces defeated the heavily entrenched Germans near Vimy, France. Today, the remnants of the German defenses have been preserved with concrete. (Photo Credit: Paul Almasy)

Trench warfare4
Trench Warfare

Soldiers Picking Lice from Clothes: Conditions in the trenches were miserable, with rampant dirt, vermin and disease. (Photo Credit: Bettmann)

Trench warfare5
Trench Warfare

German Trench and Bunker near Verdun: For nearly four years, the Allies and Germany fought over the Butte de Vauquois. The battles included a deadly series of attacks in which more than 500 mines were exploded beneath trenches, tunnels and buildings in the town. (Photo Credit: Michael St. MaurSheil)

World war i

Terms & People

3rd Set!

Sussex Pledge

National Defense Act

Zimmerman Note



Selective Service Act


Espionage Act

Sedition Act

William Jennings Bryan

Robert Lansing

Jeannette Rankin

John J. Pershing

William McAdoo

Herbert Hoover

Juliette Gordon Low

World war i

The U.S. Goes to War!

Remember the Neutrality plan? Well… it didn’t last

  • Cultural differences

  • Propaganda

Caught in the middle!

- British Naval Blockade

- German Unrestricted Submarine Warfare


  • Tragic Event that turned American opinion

  • Led to the German Sussex Pledge

  • Mixed feelings in the U.S.

    • William Jennings Bryan (Sec. of State)

    • Robert Lansing (replaced Bryan)

    • By 1916 – U.S. arms sales to Allies up to $500 million!!

World war i

U.S. “Preparedness”

National Defense Act

  • 90,000-175,000 (223,000 eventually)

  • $313 Million to build up Navy

“Peace without victory” …. Is it possible?

Diplomacy Fails

  • Germany Resumes Unrestricted Sub War

  • US Breaks diplomatic relations

  • Zimmerman Note!

  • April 4, 1917 = WAR!!!

    • Jeannette Rankin

World war i

Over There!

US Mobilizes for war

Selective Service Act

- 4.8 Million “Yanks” were draftees!

American Expeditionary Force (AEF)

  • John Pershing in command!

  • Reach Europe by June 1917

  • Big boost in morale for allies

  • Americans introduce Convoy System as well!

Life of a “Doughboy”

  • Race?

  • Training?

  • War Experience?

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