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  1. JOINT MEETING OF THE 3rd IAEA TECHNICAL MEETING ON SPHERICAL TORI AND THE 9th INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON SPHERICAL TORUS 3 to 6 October 2005. V.I. Zubov Institute of Computational Mathematics & Control Processes, Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg, 198504, RUSSIA IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency WELCOME

  2. Acknowledgement I would like to take this opportunity to thank the International Programme Committee for their work in the evaluation of abstracts and preparation of the programme. In particular, I would like to thank the Chair of the IPC, Prof. Valery Belyakov, for the support on the organization of the scientific arrangements, and for the coordination between the IPC and the International Advisory Committee. I would like to point out and thank the local support from the Local Organizing Committee namely to Prof. Dmitri Ovsyannikov (Chair) and Dr. Denis Zhukov (coordinator).

  3. STATISTICS • 55 participants representing 7 countries • The meeting will be organized with Overview and Invited talks around six broad topics of current interest: • Designs concepts and issues for next-stage experiments and facilities • Upcoming research plans • Plasma science (experiment and/or theory-computation) • Plasma diagnostics • Engineering and Technology Science • Concepts for future DEMO and power plants • The meeting ends with a summary session

  4. PROGRAMME • The contributions are distributed by • 5 Plenary Sessions • 30 Invited Talks • Poster session • The summary of the meeting will be submitted for publication in Nuclear Fusion journal. • Summaries provide a very important tool in helping the Agency to plan its activities in the different topics of Fusion. It gives a record of the main outputs of the meeting and will provide, in course of time, a history of the progress in different fusion topics

  5. Submission of proceeding PAPERS: • Electronic versions of papers will be collected at the meeting. A manuscript of about 7 pages for Oral and 5 pages for Poster contributions shall be prepared for inclusion on the meeting proceedings published by IAEA (it will be available on the web and will include presentations as well). Authors should submit it at the registration desk. • Publication on Nuclear Fusion • Authors are encourage to submit a modified version of their papers to NF for publication under a Special Issue on Spherical Tori. Dr. Martin Peng (Chair of the IAC) and Dr. Vasily Gusev (IAC member) will act as Guest Editor by invitation of NF Editor. • Intention of submitting a paper for the Special Issue shall be arranged with the Guest Editors. It is expected that authors submitting to NF will be willing to referee one or two papers of their topics. • Dead line for submission of papers is 20 November

  6. The IAEA Activities in Fusion

  7. Director General Nuclear Sciences & Applications Physical & Chemical Sciences

  8. DG, Mr. El Baradei Director General 6 DEPARTMENTS Nuclear Energy Nuclear Sciences & Applications DDG, Mr. Sokolov DDG, Mr. Burkart 5 DIVISIONS Physical & Chemical Sciences DIV-DIR, Mr. Ramamoorthy 4 SECTIONS Physics Section Head, Mr. Mank Atomic & Nuclear Data Section Head, Mr. Nichols research reactors accelerators demining fusion

  9. The three IAEA pillars Promoting Safeguards & Verification Promoting Safety & Security Promoting Science & Technology

  10. Promoting Science & Technology • Supporting research among Member States • To foster and exchange scientific knowledge • Transfer expertise among MS

  11. Promoting Science & Technology Fusion research that IAEA is presently supporting: Magnetic Confinement Inertial Confinement Dense plasmas Atomic and Molecular Data for Fusion (database development and maintenance)

  12. International Fusion Research Council (IFRC) • Standing advisory group since 1972 • Meets annually • Guides IAEA’s fusion activities • Subcommittee on Atomic and Molecular Data for Fusion • 11 members from Atomic and Molecular Community • Meets annually • Provides guidance to A+M data unit

  13. Fusion Activities • Technical Meetings (11 in 2005) • Coordinated Research Projects (JRUST, DMP, IFE (end 2004)) • Technical Cooperation – TC (on Dense Magnetised Plasmas) • Colaboration with ICTP (plasma schools, joint experiments) • Conference: Fusion Energy Conference (biannual) • Advisory Meetings (Consultancy) • Nuclear Fusion Journal,Technical Documents, World Survey • Atomic and Molecular Data for Fusion (AMDIS, AMBDAS, ALADDIN) • ITER activities: News Letter, Technical Meetings IAEA activities on fusion gather 600 – 700 scientists/year Information is fostered through Scientific Journals, IAEA proceedings, and TECDOCs.

  14. TECHNICAL MEETINGS DURING SECOND HALF OF 2005 First Generation of Fusion Power Plant, July, Vienna Control, Data Acquisition and Remote participation, July, Budapest H-mode Physics and Transport Barriers, September., St. Petersburg Spherical Tori, October, St. Petersburg Innovative Concepts and Theory of Stellarators, October, Madrid Energetic Particles, November, Takayama Research Using Small Fusion Devices, December, Mexico

  15. I like to whish you a pleasant and productive meeting and hope that, …we all take a bit more than we brought in…