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Islam. The main religion of the Middle East ~ 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide; 20% of Earth Islam = the religion Muslims = the followers of Islam (people). The Story of Islam. The prophet, Muhammad Born in 570 AD – Dies 632 AD. Muhammad’s Story. Born in Mecca Raised by Grandfather

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  • The main religion of the Middle East

  • ~ 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide; 20% of Earth

  • Islam = the religion

  • Muslims = the followers of Islam (people)

The story of islam
The Story of Islam

  • The prophet, Muhammad

  • Born in 570 AD – Dies 632 AD

Muhammad s story
Muhammad’s Story

  • Born in Mecca

  • Raised by Grandfather

    and Uncle

  • Watched problems with

    religion and society, and often meditated on them

  • Traveled the Middle East as a trader, allowing him to talk and converse with others


The Kaaba

Site at which visitors come to pray, $$$$


Belief in multiple gods like Zeus, Athena, Jupiter, Mars, etc.


Muhammad is confused
Muhammad is confused

  • 610 AD

  • Muhammad noticed the materialism of Mecca and its people

  • The town was based around money, wealth and tourism

  • “My poverty is my pride”

  • What is materialism?

Gabriel comes to muhammad
Gabriel comes to Muhammad

  • Gabriel is an angel

  • Gives the words of

    Allah to Muhammad

The koran or qur an

The word of God (Allah) is collected in the Koran

Teaching on how to live a proper life

Morals, Virtues


Basically, an expansion of the Christian and Jewish Bible

The Koran or (Qur'an)

Muhammad makes his revelations public
Muhammad makes his revelations public

  • All religions have revelations…what are they?

    • A figure usually appears to a person and instructs them in the ways of a higher power

  • 613 AD, Muhammad begins to attract followers

  • Monotheism – belief in only ONE God

    • Mono means one, theism means higher power

Muhammad s flight
Muhammad’s flight

  • Muhammad and his followers leave Mecca to Medina 622 AD

    • The government in Mecca doesn’t like his message...why?

  • Muhammad begins to

    attract more and more followers

    • Why?

Muhammad s return
Muhammad’s Return

  • 630 AD Muhammad returns and the Meccan’s join Muhammad and his followers

  • Muhammad dies in 632 AD

    • His ideas and the religion had spread as far west as Spain and as far east as China

So now what
So now what?

  • Who should lead?

  • Who decides religious disputes and disagreements?

  • Some people say the next leader of Islam should be related to Muhammad

  • Some people say he should be elected

Sunnis and shia


We should elect Muhammad’s successor!

85% of Muslims are Sunni


The successor to Muhammad should be related to Muhammad!

15% of Muslims are Shia

Sunnis and Shia


  • Muhammad  founder of Islam

  • Allah  the God of Islam

  • Koran  Holy book of Islam

  • Mecca, Saudi Arabia  city that is the center of Islam

  • Sunnis believe leader of Islamic church should be elected

  • Shia  believe leader of Islamic church should be related to Muhammad

The five pillars of islam
The Five Pillars of Islam

  • 5 basic principles or beliefs of Islam

  • According to the Koran, if you live by these tenants, you will be allowed into heaven

  • All pillars try to bring out your best virtues and morals

1 shahada
1. Shahada

  • Profession of faith

  • “There is no God but Allah”

  • Muhammad is the true prophet of Allah

  • Performed daily

2 salah or prayer

Muslims pray 5 times a day; each prayer is different

Sunrise, usually 5-6 am

Noon, usually between 12-1 pm

Afternoon, around 4:30 pm

Sunset, around 7

Nightfall, around 9:30

Prayer call is made from minarets

2. Salah, or prayer

Minarets and prayer call
Minarets and prayer call

  • Towers with speakers

  • Extremely artistic

  • Height competition

    for ancient rulers

3 sawm or fasting
3. Sawm, or fasting

  • Not eating or drinking during specific hours of the day

  • Holy month of Ramadan

    • Cannot eat while the sun is in the sky

    • Celebrated because this was the month that Muhammad received the Koran

    • Going without, controlling one’s desires

4 zakat or charity
4. Zakat, or charity

  • Giving a portion of one’s wealth and money to the poor

  • Helping others who are less fortunate

  • 2% of what you earn should be given up

5 hajj

Pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca

Go to Mecca

at least once

in your life; repeat Muhammad’s journey

Masjid al-Haram

5. Hajj

Islamic vocabulary

Mosque- Islamic Church

Ramadan- Holy month of fasting


Theology-Study of religion

Kaaba- Holy shrine of Islam

Koran or Qu’ran- Islamic bible

Minaret- prayer tower

Pilgrimage- religious journey

5 pillars

Shahada- “there is no…”

Salah- prayer

Sawm- fasting

Zakat- charity

Hajj- pilgrimage to Mecca

Islamic Vocabulary


  • An Islamic place of worship

  • Synonym = church


  • Islamic ruler of church and state

  • Caliphate = Islamic empire


  • Islamic priest


  • Islamic Law

    • The laws of the government and society are the laws from the Koran

    • Non-secular at its finest