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JAPAN: Land of the Rising Sun

JAPAN: Land of the Rising Sun. Presented by: Annaliza Talatala MSE608A February 9, 2009. Demographics. June 2008 estimated 127.7 million people (10 th most populated country) Major problem in Japan: decreasing birth rate (soshika = society without children)

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JAPAN: Land of the Rising Sun

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  1. JAPAN:Land of the Rising Sun Presented by: Annaliza Talatala MSE608A February 9, 2009

  2. Demographics • June 2008 estimated 127.7 million people (10th most populated country) • Major problem in Japan: decreasing birth rate (soshika = society without children) • 20% decrease in population by mid-century • -0.139% growth rate • Life expectancy approx. 81 yrs old • 99% literacy, 95% with High School diploma • Urban society with 5% labor force in agriculture • Metropolitan Tokyo-Yokohama has 35 million people = world’s most populous city - video

  3. Other facts • Language – Japanese • 17 hour difference – 7pm in LA, 12pm in Tokyo • Holidays – 2/11 (National Foundation Day), Golden Week (4/29,5/3,5/4,5/5), New Year (1/1-1/3) & Obon Week (13th-15th July/Aug) • Hofstede Analysis: Japan • Very Masculine country • Lowest rank in individualism, collectivist culture • High uncertainty avoidance

  4. Doing Business with the Japanese • Currency – Yen (¥) • Exchange rate vs. USD – 1USD = 91.33JPY (as of 2/8/09) • International trade = lifeblood of Japanese economy • 2007 • exported $677billion worth of goods to Int’l. market • Imported $572billion; $102bil trade surplus • Key trade partners – US, China, South Korea, Taiwan & Hong Kong • Industrial exports = automotive products, semiconductors, electrical machinery, & chemicals When doing business in Japan, relationships & loyalty to the group is critical for success!

  5. Japanese Business Etiquette • Meishi • Must have! • Distribution of Japanese business card • Accepting a Japanese business card • Never write notes on a Japanese business card - never! • Never fidget or play with a Japanese business card. • Keep your Japanese business cards in a proper carrying case and treat them with respect. • Remember to deliberately and carefully pick up all of the Japanese business cards you receive and put them into your case at the end of the meeting. • You probably get the idea that Japanese business cards are important!

  6. Japanese Business Etiquette • Formal Business Attire • Men • Wear dark suits (navy or black) with white shirt and subdued tie from October – April • Gray suit from May – September • Wear half-sleeve shirts during the summer months • Japanese companies do not allow male employees to wear beards nor to shave their heads. • Women • Wear shorter or tied back hair • Trouser suits or longer skirt suits with seasonal colors as for men • No jewelry, No very short skirts or No high-heeled shoes

  7. Japanese Business Etiquette • Business meetings • Always arrive 10 minutes early for a meeting, more if the meeting will be with senior executives. • Plan an exact agenda for the meeting • Wait to be seated in the meeting room because there is a custom regarding which party sits on which physical side of the table (which supposedly dates back to the samurai era)! • It is good Japanese business etiquette to take lots of notes • If you need a non-disclosure agreement signed send it well in advance of the meeting. • Don't forget your Japanese business cards!

  8. Japanese Business Etiquette • Personal Habits • Do not blow your nose in a public place (including meeting rooms). • Do not grab your host's hand when first meeting and give it a hearty shake - many Japanese seldom shake hands and can be so uncomfortable doing so as to avoid meeting again! • Never pat a Japanese man on the back or shoulder. • Never make derogatory remarks about anyone, including your competitors and own employees. • Always smile, be pleasant, be willing to learn, ask a lot of questions about your customer's company (and none about his/her private life). • Learn some Japanese phrases.

  9. Japanese Business Phrases • “Talatala desu” = My name is Talatala. • “Ohayogozaimasu” = Good morning. • “Konnichiwa” = Good day. • “Kombanwa” = Good evening. • “Domo arigato gozaimashita” = Thank you. • “Onegaishimasu” = If you please… • “Gomen nasai” = Sorry. • “Sumimasen” = Excuse me.

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