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Welcome Parents!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome Parents!!

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Welcome Parents!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome Parents!!
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  1. Welcome Parents!! Mr. Betz’s 1st Grade Class

  2. Get Ready for 1st Grade! What you can expect: • More Responsibility • More Challenging Work • Higher Expectations • More Fun!!

  3. Meet Mr. Betz • This is my 5th year teaching at Tarhe Elementary • I live in Pataskala with my wife Amanda, my son Aiden and our two dogs • I am a huge Buckeye fan, I love reading, drawing and spending time with my family

  4. Our Schedule • Monday = • Tuesday = • Wednesday = • Thursday = • Friday = • We eat lunch everyday at 12:10 • No special • Computer/Library • Gym • Gym • Music

  5. Behavior Card system • Yellow Card = • Orange Card = • Blue Card = • Warning, pay Mr. Betz 1 Betz Buck. Think about your choices • Pay Mr. Betz 5 Betz Bucks, lose 15 minutes of recess. Meet with Mr. Betz • Pay Mr. Betz 10 Betz Bucks, Call home/possibly meet with Mr. Knight, miss one special event (birthday, assembly..etc. is up to Mr. Betz)

  6. Green Team!! • Everyone starts the week on Green Team! • If you do not flip your card all week you get a green team reward on Friday! • If you flip your card one time you will be removed from green team until next week • I accept donations for green team year round, thank you so much for all of your support

  7. Parties and snacks • We have Fall, Winter, Valentines and end of the year parties, • I send home sign up sheet for parties, if interested, adult signs up for food, or non-food item then sends slip back in, if you are interested in volunteering for a party please make a note on the return slip, I will notify you if I need your help • I send home new slip with item and amount to send in • If interested in bringing birthday treats please send note at least 2 days before asking if time is available, I will send response detailing what day and time would be best, please send in healthy snacks. We are teaching healthy eating habits

  8. Homework • Every Monday night student is responsible for practicing their entire set of flashcards with adult, then adult signs math log(separate note is acceptable). Tuesday through Thursday student will receive math worksheet to complete • Every night Monday-Thursday student reads given baggy book to adult, student fills out log entry, then parent signs the log • Students may choose to complete spelling test on www.spellingcity.com, if you receive 100% bring in parent note or certificate and receive reward, once per week • No Homework on weekends or holidays, enjoy!

  9. OurMorning Routine What you should do when you come in every morning: When I finish my morning work what can I do? Leave finished morning work on your desk for Mr. Betz to check Make silent choice (read a book from the class library silently at your seat)Mr. Betz begins to check the answers to morning work • Hang up your backpack/belongings on your hook • Put homework on desk • Turn in any letters from home in designated area(students are responsible for this, they are reminded daily) • Go to your seat quickly and quietly • Begin working on your morning work, or get ready for special

  10. End of the Day Routine What we will do…… • Put any pencils that need sharpened on desk • Clear any other materials off of or underneath desk, no papers in desk • Mr. Betz will go over Homework on board, ask any questions • You will be dismissed by the teacher to get your belongings and mail • Take things to seat. Wait in seat until dismissed to line up • Mr. Betz will pull 2 sticks, if students have not flipped their cards they may pick reward • Put up chair(when dismissed) and line up

  11. Questions?? • email me at d_betz@lancaster.k12.oh.us • Send in a letter with your child