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6 Food Mistakes Parents Make??? PowerPoint Presentation
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6 Food Mistakes Parents Make???

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6 Food Mistakes Parents Make???
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6 Food Mistakes Parents Make???

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  1. 6 Food Mistakes Parents Make…

  2. Mistakes your parents make is the title of a great article on the issue of “nutritional parenting” by Tara Parker-Pope published in the September 14 issue of the New York Times. The following is what I took from the article… The article… Notes: www.nytimes.com/2008/09/15/health/healthspecial2/15eat.html

  3. 1. Sending children out of the kitchen: although kitchens can be dangerous places and kids get in the way - research shows that kids are more likely to eat foods that they helped prepare (even salads!). 2. Pressuring them to take a bite: kids are likely to end up hating foods that they have been either forced or rewarded to eat.

  4. 3. Keeping ‘good stuff’ out of reach: kids whose food is highly restricted at home are far more likely to binge when they have access to forbidden foods - if you don’t want your kid to eat it - don’t buy it. 4. Dieting in front of your children: kids of dieters are more likely to try diets as well, a perfect recipe for future eating disorders or a lifetime of dieting.

  5. 5. Serving boring vegetables: at least make the effort to make them interesting - add some fat and spices – who enjoys steamed veggies? 6. Giving up too soon: research shows that in young children, it may take 10 or more attempts over several months to introduce a new food - keep trying!

  6. About Dr. Arya M. Sharma Dr. Arya M. Sharma, MD/PhD, FRCPC is Professor of Medicine & Chair for Obesity Research and Management at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. He is also the Medical Director of the Edmonton Capital Health Region’s interdisciplinary Weight Wise Program. Dr. Sharma is also the Scientific Director of the Canadian Obesity Network funded through the federal National Centres of Excellence program. Dr. Sharma has authored and co-authored more than 250 scientific articles and has lectured widely on the etiology and management of obesity and related cardiovascular disorders. He sends his informative messages through his blog Dr. Sharma’s Obesity Notes. For more information on Obesity visit; http://www.drsharma.ca/