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COLD WAR. Communist Revolution in China. Civil War. Chinese Nationalists Chiang Kai-shek. Chinese Communists Mao Zedong. 1946-1949 -After WWII , civil war -Communist Mao victorious -Chiang & nationalists fled to Taiwan

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cold war


Communist Revolution in China

civil war
Civil War
  • Chinese Nationalists
  • Chiang Kai-shek
  • Chinese Communists
  • Mao Zedong
  • 1946-1949
  • -After WWII, civil war -Communist Mao victorious -Chiang & nationalists fled to Taiwan
  • Chairman Mao & communists took control of China
why the communist revolution
Why the Communist Revolution?

Think Back to other revolutions we studied.

  • Uneven distribution of wealth - Peasants oppressed by landlords & high taxes
  • Chiang’s gov’t seen as morally & politically corrupt, ineffective leader
  • Women treated cruelly and unfairly; communists promised equality for women
great leap forward
Great Leap Forward
  • With Soviet help, Mao created 5 year plan to rapidly build up socialism and industry
  • Peasant farmers forced to work in factories
  • Plan failed, huge economic losses
    • inexperienced workers
    • inferior goods

"Take steel as the key link, leap forward in all fields"

  • Land of wealthy redistributed among peasants
  • Peasants forced to live and work together in communes
  • Like in Soviet Union, an economic failure
violence to maintain order
Violence to Maintain Order

Purging of the “Bourgeois”

  • Bourgeois – upper middle class merchants and businessmen
    • Resisted socialism
  • RedArmy beat, exiled or killed “bourgeois”
cultural revolution
Cultural Revolution
  • 1966 - Nothing “cultural” about it
  • Violent movement to get rid of all old traditions and communist resistors in China

"Smash the old world, Establish a new world."

cult of mao
Cult of Mao
  • Glorification of Mao’s image and messages
  • Youth especially, idolized Mao and his Little Red Book
red guards
Red Guards
  • Brutesquads of Chinese teenagers, beat and killed anyone they believed was a threat to communism
    • teachers, artists, intellectuals, writers, even their own parents and neighbors!
  • Chaos ensued, schools and factories closed as violence escalated
  • Gov’t had to send army to stop violence!
communism and religion
Communism and Religion
  • Religion - doesn’t mix with communism
  • Gov’tbanned religions like Confucianism and Buddhism (although practiced quietly)
  • Violence against Buddhist monks in Tibet
human rights issues
Human Rights Issues
  • Dissenters sent to prisoncamps or killed
  • Western nations object to the cruel treatment of political prisoners
  • China tells west not to interfere