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  1. Muslims By Hannah and Vickie

  2. Attitudes to medicine and health care • Muslims belief in fasting for one month this includes not eating and drinking during the hours of sunlight and this can sometimes affect their health. • Muslim women can not be treated by man therefore will require a female doctor • Some medicines are restricted if they have been made by animal products

  3. Dietary requirements • During the holy month of Ramadan Muslims are not allowed to eat to dawn to sunset. However there are exceptions to this, for example young children, pregnant women and the sick are allowed to. • Dietary restrictions: • Carnivorous animals are not permitted. • All pork and pork product are forbidden. • Sea animals without fins or scales are considered undesirable by many Muslims. • Alcohol is totally forbidden. • Other meats may be eaten if it is prepared in the right way according Halaal. • Lard, gelatine, Rennet, Whey and vanilla extract have to be avoided by Muslims.

  4. Dress • Women wear a head covering called a Hijab or Khimar and this use to be compulsory to cover up the chest but nowadays women pull back and pin their head coverings to revel their chest and dresses. • Men to have to cover their body modestly particularly from the stomach to the knee. Traditionally men wear long flowing robes and in some circumstances head coverings as well. Muslim men are not permitted to wear tight clothing that is transparent or revealing.

  5. Language Many Muslims can speak Arabic which is in the Qur’an but most commonly during the day they do not follow this they speak their native language.

  6. Attitude to gender Muslim women can not be touched by other men other than their husband. This could be crucial within health care as they will have to see a female doctor. Men are also seen as superior over the women.