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  1. TUDOR FOOD By Anna

  2. Tudor Food and Drink Most people had a very basic diet: bread, cheese, vegetables and fish, with a little meat. Only the wealthy could afford luxuries like sugar. Everyone was dependent on the harvest. So, if it was bad, people could starve to death. Most Tudor meals were not very healthy. If families were rich, they often ate too much meat and fat and not enough fruit and vegetables. If they were poor, they sometimes had to survive on bread alone.

  3. Tudor Cooking • The main meal of the day was dinner, it was served at around 11a.m. Breakfast was just a snack of bread, and supper was also a light, simple meal. Women from ordinary families cooked soups and stews of bacon, rabbit, vegetables and wild herbs in big iron pots over open fires. Bread was baked in brick ovens or on flat iron dishes. Tudor people had no fridges or freezers. They preserved meat in tubs of salty water or by hanging it in smoky chimneys, and stored fruit and vegetables in cold attics and barns to eat in the winter

  4. Henry VIII’s Food • Only the wealthy could afford exotic birds like swans, herons and peacocks to eat. • Henry like to eat a lot of food. His favourite food was: Spit-Roasted Meat, Grilled Beavers' Tails, Whale Meat, Whole Roasted Peacock, Internal Organs, Black Pudding, Boar’s Head, Roasted Swan, Vegetables, Marzipan, Spiced Fruit Cake and not lastly Wine and Ale. Henry ate around about 5,000 calories a day. This is more than twice the recommended daily intake.

  5. My visit to Hampton Court • When I went to Hampton court I helped crush almonds and sugar together. I also saw Jessie there as well. When me and my Dad were going to the kitchen there were lots of pies. I got to turn the spit it was really fun. When I was turning the spit I got really hot because of the fire. At 3pm we went to see some people act out a party, they played a game with 6 plates and every plate had joke, riddle or song on it and they asked someone from the crowd to turn a plate over and see what was on the bottom of the plate. In the clock court there was performer and he went on stilts but he needed help so he ask my Dad and another man to help him to get on the stilts.

  6. Tudor Meal’s At Hampton Court Palace I found some common Tudor meal’s. 1.Chicken with rice and almonds 2.Curvey of hare (stew) 3.Fig and raisin ‘cream’ (rapey) 4.Barley bread. Monks and Nuns were not allowed to eat fine white bread so they ate barley bread instead. 5.Pike and galentyne.(Fish, vinegar and white wine)

  7. Menu First Course: Cheat and manchett [bread] Ale , beer and wine Herring and pourdred Eales Pottage [a thick broth] Organe Lyng [cod] Swan Calver [dressed] Salmon and Pyke Custard Rascalles or Flage [cuts of vension] Tarte closed Frytter Fruite

  8. Second Course Second Pottage Sturgeion Tench [carp] Perch Eles with lampreys rost Chynes of salmon broyled Crevez [crayfish] Shrympes Tarte Fritter Fruite Baked pepins [apples] Oranges Butter and eggs

  9. my visit to Hampton COURT When I went to Hampton Court I took lots of pictures. Here are just a couple. This photo is the outside of the palace. This is another photo of a man who was making a crow out of wax and he is also showing me how to use a pestle and mortar. In the mortar were almonds and sugar.

  10. my visit to Hampton COURT This is me using the pestle and mortar. In the bottom right hand corner of the photo is the crown made out of wax. It was hard work crushing the almonds and sugar together. This photo is of me turning one of the spit and the man turning the. other spit.

  11. my visit to Hampton COURT This is when you first come in to the kitchens and there is fake meat on a bench and a log. There is a noise as if the knife is cutting the meat. Thank you for listening to my presentation hope you learnt some things about Tudors and enjoyed it. By Anna