Tudor food
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Tudor Food.

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Rich tudor food

The rich Tudors ate lots and lots of meat, they ate around 2 kilos per day. The meats that they ate were venison, wild boar, chicken, rabbits, beef, pork, veal, goat, lamb, hare, muttons, swans and herons. They also ate seabirds such as puffins. Due to their religion they ate fish on a Friday and no meat.

They didn’t eat a lot of vegetables because it was considered fit for the poor. The vegetables they ate only grew over ground, such as leeks and onions.

Rich Tudor Food

Poor tudor food

The poor Tudors mainly ate pottage. Pottage is sort of porridge with lots of vegetables.

They ate vegetables that grew under the ground, such as carrots and parsnips.

Poor Tudor Food

Poaching porridge with lots of vegetables.

If Tudors were hunting animals without permission they would be poaching. If you were caught poaching it would lead to death or having a hand cut of.

Food storage

Tudors stored their fish in barrels of salt water and their meat in a meat safe. To stop the food going off they rubbed it in salt.

Food Storage