tudor diseases n.
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Tudor diseases PowerPoint Presentation
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Tudor diseases

Tudor diseases

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Tudor diseases

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  1. Tudor diseases By Sarah, Sam and Theo

  2. Introduction We did Tudor diseases because • Theo didn’t know very much • Sarah and Sam thought it would be gory • We all thought it would be fun with lots of information!

  3. The plague There were lots of plagues in Tudor times. The black death plague was probably the most deadly plague in Tudor times. (it even has the word death in its name!) Doctors thought that burning leather next to the patient would kill the plague (obviously it didn’t work!) Doctors also thought the plague was caused by bad air.

  4. Bubonic Plague Bubonic plague was one of the many plagues and was a bacteria called yersinia pestis. This bacteria was on the fleas and the fleas brought it over to England. The fleas bit the rats and when the rats died the fleas went to feed humans.

  5. Ring o’ ring o’ roses Ring o’ ring o’ roses the rhyme is about the plague. • Roses are the rashes • the posies are for smelling • Atishoo atishoo, sneezing was a sign of plague • And we all fall down is dying

  6. Other illnesses Some other diseases were • Small pox • Scurvy • Gout • Head lice • Jaundice • Tuberculosis • Scarlet fever

  7. Cures • Headache, a drink made of lavender, sage, marjoram, roses and rue • Gout, apply the affected foot with worms, pig marrow and herbs all boiled together with a red haired dog • Head lice, pour tobacco juice on to the scalp • Baldness, crush a garlic bulb and rub into scalp and wash off with vinegar • Small pox, hang red curtains near the victim and the light will cure the patient • Jaundice, swallow nine lice every day for a week

  8. End So there you have it a gruesome bit of history. But not any old history, history about the Tudors! Thank you for reading our spectacular presentation we hope you enjoyed it.