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Tudor Food

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Tudor Food

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  2. Menu For The Visit Of King Francis 1 Peacock Pie Roast Swan Cockentrice (Roast Pig) Wild Boar Venison Meat Pies Brown Trout Oysters Cheese Balls Salads with Artichokes Mushy Peas Vegetable White Bread Rolls Marzipan Spiced Fruits Wine and Ale

  3. Peacock Pie Centre piece of feast. Expensive spices used in pie. Skin used as a visual display on top of pie. First served spitting fires. Roast Swan The dish is usually made with a sauce called chaudon made of vinegar, spices, and broth made from the swan's blood and giblets. Cockentrice (Roast Pig) Made by combining a pig and a capon into one creature, thus creating a "new" animal that would not only feed hungry folk but amuse and amaze them as well.

  4. Wild Boar Stuffed with fruit was usually the principal and choicest dish at any feast especially Christmas. Venison Mainly roasted For the rich, innards given to the poor and the term eat humble pie comes from this. Marzipan Cake Ladies of the house made the cake, not servants. Ingredients very expensive Often decorated in gold leaf.

  5. Other food facts • Oysters and fish, sourced from local rivers • All vegetable and salad had to be in season. • No potatoes until Elizabeth 1 had them brought back from the Americas by Sir Walter Raleigh. • Bread was always served with a meal. • No fresh water, ale (beer) was drank with a meal, even children drank it. • Only rich people drank wine. • Vegetables were considered the food of the poor. • Poor people would eat vegetables, bread and whatever meat they could find, such as, rabbits, blackbirds, pheasants, partridges, hens, ducks and pigeon. They also used to eat fish from local rivers.

  6. The Kitchens Tudor Times • No Electricity/Gas • Army Of Cooks/Helpers • Food Cooked Over Fires, young boys usually used to turn spits roasts over fires • Water boiled over fire in big copper pots Now 2014 • Electricity/Gas • 1 – 3 People Helping • All food cooked in oven or microwave

  7. Dining Tudor Times • Lords and Ladies and honoured guests sit at top table and rest of guests on other tables, most important sit closer to top table. • Lords table decorated in fine linins, showed wealth. • Top table always near window to get the best light. • Napkins placed on left hand shoulder • Ate with spoons and knives. The rich would have used spoons made of silver or pewter, and the poor would have used wooden spoons. Knives were used to cut the meat and then the pieces were eaten with fingers. • Courses did not exist. • Servants washed hands for you before eating. Now 2014 • Everyone sits at same table (sometimes a children table). • If an important dinner table decorated with best table cloths and table wear. • Knives, forks and spoons used. • Usually three courses, starter, main and dessert. • Wash hands yourself.