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welcome. Teachers name . Mohammad Hossain Instructor (attached) P T I Cos’sbazar. Class : four subject :English. Learning outcomes :.

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  1. welcome

  2. Teachers name.Mohammad HossainInstructor (attached)P T I Cos’sbazar.

  3. Class: foursubject :English

  4. Learning outcomes:. The students will be able –1)-to read the text with correct pronunciation.2)-to recognize the new words and able to use in sentences.3)_ to tell about the life of a farmer

  5. Title:The life of a farmer

  6. Title:The life of a farmer • A1. Read. • I am Rahmat Mia. I am a farmer. I grow crops. I don’t have my own land. I • work for others. I wake up before sunrise. Then I go to the land-owner’s • house. I take the oxen to the field to plough the land.When I reach the field, • the sun begins to rise. I work the whole day. At mid-day, I take a short break • for lunch. I take rice and green leafy vegetables for lunch. My eldest • daughter brings my lunch from home. I continue to work in sun and rain. I • stop when the sun sets. I take back the oxen to their master’s house. I wash • and feed them.After that, I go home, wash myself, and eat whatever there is • in the house. Sometimes there is not much food. I go to bed early because I • need rest and sleep. Then I can work well the next morning. I lie down in • bed. I say to myself, “Maybe I will have better luck next year.”

  7. Ts loud reading

  8. Word meaning & sentence making

  9. Growing crops

  10. Leafy vegetables

  11. ox

  12. washing

  13. Pady field

  14. SS loud reading

  15. The whole day oxen nothing wakes Group work Rahamat Mia works---------------------------- Rahamat Mia takes the -----------to the field. Most of the time he eats ---------at night. Everyday he ----------up before sunrise.

  16. Question & Answer

  17. What does the farmer doing?

  18. What are they doing?

  19. Suplimentaryactivities:bingo game ,Write any three words , sunrise,sunset,oxen,plough,field,mid-day,vegetables,green.daughter,

  20. Write 5 sentences about the life of a farmer from this picture

  21. Thank you very much

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