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5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Go. My Presentation Season. Welcome. Presentation. on. Business Plan (Mister Fast Food). Introduction. Name and Address of this business Name: Mister Fast Food. Plot No: 10/A, Dhaka Commerce College road, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216 Names and Address of principals

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    1. 5 4 3 2 1 Go

    2. My Presentation Season Welcome

    3. Presentation on Business Plan (Mister Fast Food)

    4. Introduction Name and Address of this business • Name: Mister Fast Food. • Plot No: 10/A, Dhaka Commerce College road, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216 Names and Address of principals • JoglulHasan • P-6-15, BISF colony, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216.

    5. Continued……… Nature of business This is sole proprietorship business. This is mainly a fast food and also it produces some other beverage product like, fruit juice, drinks, chocolate, etc. Statement of financing needed First we need about Tk.30, 50,000 to start the business.

    6. Industry analysis Future overlooks and trends The demand for fast food is increasing day by day. By analyzing past 5years I realize that the demand for fast food is increased by 10-15 per cent over a year. Here I mainly focus the students of Commerce College and students of BUBT.

    7. Continued……… Analysis of competitors Here the main competitors of my business are food com. It is pleasure for me that they use traditional business plan to produce the product and deliver the product

    8. Continued……… Market segmentation The fast food is popular mainly to the young boys and girl from medium and upper class. Here my main focus is on to the students of both Commerce College and BUBT

    9. Continued……… Industry forecast The demand for fast food is increasing day by day. By analyzing previous 5 years we found the following information Year Consumption (Tk.)Percentage of consumption than past year • 200630 million10 % • 200734.5 million15% • 200838.14 million12% • 200943.1 million14% • 201049.5 million15%

    10. Description of venture Products “Mister Fast Food” provides its customers the finest all kind of fast food and hot and cold beverages, specializing in specialty Burger, Pizza, Coffees Soft drinks, Italian sodas, Fresh-baked pastries, And Chocolates,

    11. Continued……… Company Ownership “Mister Fast Food” is a Limited Liability Corporation. All liability and benefit will be owned by JoglulHasan and it’s a form of sole proprietorship business. Size of business The size of business con be measure by its start up summary I need about Tk.30, 50,000 to start the business. so it will not be a large business.

    12. Production plan Machine & equipment Mister Fast Food tries to use the latest technology to produced product & survive them. • Oven • Juice machine • Fan, light • C .C Camera • Air Condition

    13. Continued……… Names of suppliers of raw materials: • For the purpose of production food & survive food item Mister Fast Food collect raw material from some person such as… • Local Bread Factory • Soft Drink company • Firm for egg. • Fruit shop

    14. Marketing Plan Market Segmentation Mister Fast Food will focus on two different market segments: Commuters and Captive Consumers. Product Description “Mister Fast Food” provides its customers, facility or one of the Mobile Cafes, the ability to customer order all kind of fast food and coffee beverage

    15. Continued……… • Pricing Strategy

    16. Continued……… Promotion Strategy Our company's promotional strategy targets potential consumers. for that I can use Advertising and Promotion: In the first year, Mister Fast Food plans to spend Tk. 50,000 on advertising and promotion Distribution Patterns The customer comes in to a beautifully decorated facility, surrounded by wondrous aromas and finds himself involved in a sensory experience

    17. Organizational Plan Ownership Mister Fast Food is incorporated under the laws of Indian act 1983 and is owned and operated by JoglulHasan. Roles and Responsibilities of members of organization JoglulHasan will act as a manager of the company, AkramulHoq will act as production manager and Samar Das Ahmed will act as marketing manager of this business.

    18. Cost of production statement Financial Plan

    19. Continued……… • Projected Income Statement

    20. Continued……… • Projected Balance Sheet

    21. Continued……… • Sources and applications of funds

    22. Continued……… • Assessment of risk There are many risk face any new business. So I have to face a risk of my business. Such as- • Technology change • To competitors of substitutes • To competitors of food Com • Price reduce • Face difficult environment • And to face uncrating problems etc.


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