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Service Learning Project

Service Learning Project. THINK Together @ OUSD Elementary School. Our Program.

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Service Learning Project

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  1. Service Learning Project THINK Together @ OUSD Elementary School

  2. Our Program • VisionAll children will receive the support they need from family, school and community to enable them to reach their full potential and become productive adults and responsible, contributing members of the community. • MissionTo provide high quality academically oriented out-of-school programs for students regardless of race, creed or socioeconomic status. Teaching Helping Inspiring & Nurturing Kids

  3. WHERE THEY BEGAN • In1994by Randy Barth in Costa Mesa, CA as an answer to parents who wanted a safe place for their children to do their schoolwork. • 1997-2003with private funds, THINK established more than a dozen Learning Centers for elementary & teen students. • 2004-2006Partnered with Tustin & Santa Ana school districts to develop a public/private partnership model. • 2007-2009An expansion of state funding occurred with Prop 49 & THINK Together went from 25 sites in Orange County to 180 sites in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

  4. AWARDS RECEIVED • 2008 Awarded $8.5 million grant from the Irvine Co. • 2005Bank of America Neighborhood Builder award recipient $200,000 • 2009received $250k from So Cal Edison to establish robotic labs in 41 schools • 2009Granted $690k from the Children & Families commission of Orange County to pilot early literacy programs in Santa Ana • 2010Garnered $936k in AmeriCorps grants to support leadership development and community service • 2012 partnered with j.k.livin foundation to expand wellness programs among high school students

  5. Project Goals

  6. Outcomes

  7. Our Teams

  8. Session #1 Teamwork

  9. *info*Burst Ice Breaker What is your favoriteactivityto do with…

  10. Survivor We ran…we grabbed…we didn’t peek…we waitedand worked…to solve ittogether! Scrabble

  11. UNDER Team Game OVER Over the head…Through the legs…Front to back…then you hear…POP! POP! POP!

  12. Session #2 Cooperation

  13. Tallest Tower Ice Breaker We gave them 10 cups & 2 minutes to stack the tallesttower!

  14. What they Were given

  15. The Common Idea

  16. One group stood alone

  17. Together We Can

  18. Together we Can Leg #1 For the first leg the students were asked to place a balloon between themselves & their partner & follow the lines to the next leg without popping the balloon!

  19. Together We Can Leg #2 For the second leg the students were asked to balance and egg on a spoon and follow the lines to the next leg without dropping the egg. Bothmembers need to finish before moving on.

  20. Together We Can Leg #3 For the third leg the students were asked to bounce a large ball together while following the path to the end. Each member must have ahand on the ball when they bounce it.

  21. Hula hoop relay We took a novel toy& made a game thatengageda groupto worktogether & move a hoop!

  22. Hula hoop relay We held hands& made a circle.Togetherwe movedthe hoopsaround the group!

  23. SESSION #3 SUCCESS Putting it all together

  24. The Power of Words We introducedmany newwords tothe studentswe weresurprisedby everythingtheyremembered!

  25. The Power of Words Think Before You Speak

  26. The Power of Words Positive Words are…strong,powerful,positive,uplifting,encouraging,& comfortingto us!

  27. In their words We gave them the opportunity to show us in their own way, what they got from our project…

  28. In their words Their teacher gave them the opportunity to tell us in their own words, what they got from our project…

  29. “I enjoy the activities with you guys” “You should give them an A+” “We experience how to work together” “They are so cool at those kinds of things, they are really good, trust me!” “they told us to NEVER give up & try your BEST!” “when all of us popped the balloons, that was the best thing ever” “We learned a lesson of working together”

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